October 12th, 2006


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Madd's Log, Maddate 061011.37:
-0000,return pad
-FFXI/pc: triple anal raping \ EXP party
-Jen/O arrives
-media uploading
-over to Jen/O
-not ready for bed
-house/car insurance prep
-ready for morning
-manager Madd
-2100,over to Jen/O
-sing Rock You Like a Hurricane
-sing Shine on You Crazy Diamond

So after returning home, I noticed Jen was not there.  I am not sure the reason that I wonder about that.  I played FFXI, and she showed up.  She arrived in time to see the massive anal raping.  First, a Wight came out of no where when I was attacking a bat.  Then, after waiting for about 30 minutes for a raise, Doggie shows up, making cat references and the like, and after a literal two seconds, I got smacked down, dead once again.  So after he beat the royal piss out of that Wight, he raised me again.  So then I high tail it towards the exit.  I apparently agro’ed a Wight on the way, because out of NO WHERE, a third Wight comes and beats me down before I can zone... which is no more than SEVEN flipping steps from me {sigh}.  Doggie came and raised me again, wondering how many lives I had, and that this was his last time, hEhEhE!!

Well, I was extremely thankful to the guy who found the person to raise me, so I decided to party with him for a while.  Jen got extremely distraught about it, figuring that I would play forever and a year, despite me saying otherwise.  It really bothers me how well I have been at late in changing a lot of my ways, and not getting credit for it, that I *can* say that I am going to do something and follow through.  I still have a few issues, yes, however compared to how I use to be is nothing.

Well, the other thing that I did, especially while resting (that EXP party was nice, I so miss being in a party {cry}), was getting little X pictures uploaded.  I was really excited about getting the pictures to the new media forum.  I put a link so people could get to it.  I wish that I had all my other pictures that were up there, like the FF and stuff, however, it just was not meant to be.  At least I know what not to do.

So after that, we returned to Jen’s place.  I did not get ready for bed, that makes me sad.  Madd, do not make yourself sad.  Well, up nice and early again.  I got a call from Todd who is going to work with the insurance.  What he quoted me was most excellent!  After getting ready for my morning, I stopped by McD because I am fiending for game pieces, hEhEhE!!  Strange, Word does not think fiending is a word.  Stupid Word.

So I got to play manager again today.  Monica/Q so let me have it, hahaha!!  She does not think we should be doing the jobs of the managers.  I happen to enjoy the job because I can seriously help people.  I need not worry about stats at all when I play manager.  The pay increase of $1 is not too bad :D  Oh yeah, and I even got to screen!  It was about 25 minutes, but oh well.  It was towards the end of my shift.  The work day was... busy.  We were in queue a bit, which sucks.  Still, at least we are on no OT, which is darn nice.

So after work, over to Jen, and then over to BJ.  There was a new DJ guy, and the place was actually decently packed.  Jen has a theory about the revolvement of school.  However, I do not think I see a connection.  Yay, I made up a new word and Word does not like it, imagine that.  Oh yeah, while singing Hurricane, I was sure to put extra special attention to “rock”.  hEhEhE!!  That so amuses me.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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