October 7th, 2006

ATHF mooninites

Full Mooner Maddness

Madd's Log, Maddate 061006.56:
-sing Hey You
-beer stealing human
-McD: Monopoly
-return pad
-Aeon TV: TNG
-not ready for bed
-FFXI/pc: RDM23
-clean time
-house closed moved Fri 13th
-McD: Monopoly \ caffeine
-1530,work: 2 HR OT released \ free parking
-Raine: Quicken balancing \ firefox enhancement
-crazy customer day

So I went to Orlando’s, and they were a bit more busy than usual.  There was a human there who thought she would up and take my beer from me.  She probably thought she was hot stuff, and for that, she could get away with things from guys.  I do not remember if she was, actually, I remember something about... ass crack.

Well, per my statement to Jen, I did not close the bar down.  I decided, a while back, that I would go to McD to get her an ice cream sundae.  I figured since going out of my way and all she might up and make a reference to what time it was.  I did get a call from her, RIGHT as I had pulled to the parking lot of the pad.  Attempting to do any form of surprise for Jen can turn out extremely not fun.  This is multiplied when you take her impatience and multiply it with pregnancy.  It makes me not want to plan anything for her.  At least in this instance, I was able to use my “guess I am taking this food” wit to a point of us both having fun with it.

We watched TV after eating food.  We watched bits and pieced from House that we both already saw, going through some classic parts of that episode.  I ended up watching TNG, “Datalore”.  I did not get ready for bed, and I very well could have, so shame on Madd.

Well, I ended up getting up early, so I decided to take this time to get some FFXI done.  In the middle of doing it, the bank called to inform me that the house could be closed on Friday the 13th.  Woohoo!!  How great and cool is that?  Imagine that, me up and outtie on the greatest of all days, even more so than Dec 9th?  Yes, I think it is.  Of course, I met Jen on Friday the 13th, so maybe I will have to rethink that thought after all.  hEhEhE!!  Oh I am kidding, JOHD, calm down.

As I was playing, I would get some cleaning done.  Well, it was not much on cleaning per say.  I was going through and putting away a bunch of CD and computer discs.  Someone explain to me why when I research “discs” it comes up with “disk”?  Two different words, suckatore.  Anyway, I did do that a bit, and I was finally rewarded with the next level!  It is amazing how well I can take on people who are tough, and win, and when I am a WHM if I attack anything that is easy prey I get a run for my money.  The difference between the life of white and red.

So it was back for more wonderful Monopoly pieces, and some caffeination in the form of Mello Yellow.  Oh please, caffeination should so be a word, that is what baby’s momma has been doing to baby every now and then.  It is not as bad as it could be.  I am not sure the turn around effects, minus baby possibly being addicted and acting on it (crying).  Who really knows.  It is not like she is doing that much either, so I do not hold anything against her.  She is such a great mother.

Welcome to Qwest repair, my name is tired of your shit.  Listen, bitch.  For the last fucking time, I do not care the fact a technician was out there, I am TELLING you, that in the past, I have personally had customers call me, under the same reason you are, and at LEAST one turned out to not have anything to do with what we did.  Customer had problems with their fucking telephone.  So while statistically speaking, I agree with you, MY POINT IS CHECK YOUR DAMN PHONE.  THAT IS IT, DO NOT CONTINUE TO TALK ABOUT WHAT WE ALL HAVE ALREADY ESTABLISHED.  Um, sir, our company was not called “tinker bell”.

What the hell.  My moon calendar notes a full moon, and as much as I do not giving into the garbage that is full moon affecting people, my calls and customers have been something today.  Also, we have been in queue for the majority of the start of my shift.  It gets worse!  These customers have lost their mind, and are attempting to take me with them.  Three minute hold time to AZ dispatch?  hAhAhA!!  I will believe that when I see it.  There must be 8 full moons out at the same time pulling the mentality of all these humans at the same time.  Some of these customers may not even be human.  My fucking word.

I was not able to get as much stuff done as I would have liked, as we went into queue.  It had been a while since we had been this busy since the started release of OT.  All of mine was let go, and I think it stopped at there.  Also, as already noted, the customers were well out of their minds today, one going as far as continuing to note he was dead (nothing to do with his phone service) and that he was also the son of George Bush.  Um... sure you are sir.  He was the one referencing our former company name as “tinker bell”. 

The day started to die down some time before my last break.  I also found some really excellent web development tools as a plug-in for firefox.  I really hope to solve the problem of everything for the media comments being centered, as I do not want that at all.  Still, my day was stressful.  Well, not the day all in itself.  There is just so many things going on right now that my head is about ready to spin.  Wondering where the money in the mail is.  Have to have everything ready now earlier for the big move in.  Jen even said that she would attempt to not be a stressor in an email she sent.  That will be a cool trick to see :D  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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