October 6th, 2006


Breast Fight

Maria/BJ has a nice butt.  I thought I would tell you that as I spam the myspace community with insanity.  Her ass would be crushed by Jen’s breaties, hAhAhA!!  Shit, my neck hurts... my back has a little pain... my right arm hurts like a female dog.  I do not think Jack likes me that much.  I think Jo does.  hEhEhE!!  Yet another Eureka human requested an add... and like the fool I am, I accepted it.  It was Bev. 

You know, it is really nice some times to have no one pay attention to you sing.  I wanted to sing Medium Pace, since I had not done it in a long time.  I did, people paid attention, as I expected.  However, they did not pay attention to Time, and I figured that might happen, and that made Madd happy.  Not as happy as finding a box set DVD of Voltron, still, it made me happy.  Oh yeah, speaking of which, I did some eBay looking, and decided to search for Gradius V, and it took me a while to fight for it, however, I might have it.  Time shall see.

So I got my safe ride, or so the name should go.  I am not sure what is so safe of this guy spending the entire time with his cell phone in his ear, talking to who I would imagine is his girlfriend.  He was speaking in... something-anese.  I do not think it was Japanese, I only know that since other things were more important than his passenger, that so was my tip.  At least I made it to Jen’s okay... and good thing I am happy to make it somewhere safe now!

Well, I spent time playing SSB on a N64 emulator.  The biggest problem is there are no key configurations for the X and Y buttons, the ones used to jump.  How retarded is that?  I otherwise really enjoy this emulator, but that is just wrong.  Two major buttons, unable to be used.  Well, I did not get to play too long before the battery indicator went out.  So, I had to go up and face the music.  It is a surprise that Jen did not end up coming down like the last time I got a safe ride home... and got more attitude, tee-hee.

Well, Jen was passed out.  The funny thing is, she would have stayed passed out, however while I was working on the site, at some point, some music played with an internet site I went to, and that woke her up.  Talk about extremely clingy while not in the conscious world, haha!!  Oh yeah, it was pretty bad.  Well, I worked on the site a little more as she snored away, and finally went to bed.

My word, does she have to do that when I am so tired and just want sleep?  Every time before she goes to work, Jen will “interact” with me in a variant of ways.  Well... this time she bombarded me with millions of kisses.  It is a good thing for her that not only do I love her, but I am a touchy-feely person, otherwise she might get socked in her mouth, hEhEhE!!  Would I want her to stop doing it?  Eh... not really, even though this time her doing it kept me up enough that I was not able to get back to sleep after she left.

I took that time to work more on the media board.  I uploaded a bunch of things, and worked on a bunch of stuff, just to mess things up and lose about 1.5 hours worth of work.  On the bright side, I know what I did wrong and know how to prevent it from happening in the future.  So I spent a lot of time one this, and ended up going home (after going to McD to get more Monopoly pieces).  I decided to watch House, and I was not disappointed with this episode.  It even had a very excellent trip scene! 

So I got into work, and one of the first things I noticed, was all the comments for my pictures on myspace were toast.  It would appear I am not the only one, as I know some people with picture comments that are also toast.  It may be free, but myspace gets a lot of money through their adds.  It is too bad I cannot convince everyone to just chat with me on my forums, it would make life a lot more easy.  Plus, my forums kick ass, especially once I get the media forum up and running.

I am really hoping that when we get a new bed that it helps stabilize my back.  I think not switching from bed to bed will be a good idea.  So this definitely means if Jen acts up, SHE is sleeping on the couch, not me.  Better make sure it is an actual comfy couch :D  My neck hurts, just a bit.  The top of my left foot has that strange dull pain thing going on.  My fucking word, yet ANOTHER body part with pain.  This is outrageous. 

Welcome to Qwest repair, caller.  When I ask, “So the number in questions is 970453..." and you break in saying yes, you prove to me I could make a number out of my ass and you would tell me it is correct.  Shut your damn mouth, open up your damn ears, and let me finish.  As for you, fucking retarded bitch, when you have a power problem, and call them, THEY CHARGE YOU to do shit on the inside.  You have a problem with us charging you 85 dollars then be a bit fucking motivated to TROUBLESHOOT your service.  If you want to argue, then I should charge you 85 for being the fucking whore that you already are.  I am sick of you fucking assholes thinking everything in this world is free.  Be fucking thankful you have a way to test, and if you are so fucktarded as to not have a corded phone, once again, your own fucking problem.  As for you, jackass, your humor in me saying type in your phone number, and going off on a few thousand things that is irrelevant to the existence to anything... you know what, you are not even worth my time.  Continue to be a fucktard, and thank you all for calling Qwest.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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