October 4th, 2006


Iron Working Tablets

Madd's Log, Maddate 061003.28:
-blast from the past: Michelle
-over to Jen/O
-not ready for bed
-return pad
-Arby’s: drop off
-1535,work: 2 HR OT released \ no late!
-pop Mair
-pop Kraber/Q
-manager Madd: 2 for 2
-Raine: Jen/O appreciation email

So I went to Tanner’s, chatting with Jen on the way there.  Got into my feelings on people who claim insanity, or the like, and how people who admit that they are not able to function normal in society, and want to take insanity as their plea, deserve to be put down or locked away for life.  The whole point of prison is to rehabilitate people who break the law.  If you are telling me that you cannot be rehabilitated and at any time could turn again to cause harm or worse to your fellow humans, then you should be put down.  I bet you the number of people who attempt an insanity plea would decrease a lot more, and they might take more responsibility for their actions.

So, when I got in, Joe/T’s brother was there, as well as a most unexpected guest.  In a way, it was more someone I barely can remember.  It was Michelle, best friend of Capp.  I get her confused with Katie a lot, the reason I do not have proper memory of her.  Katie was the one who called and left the classic voice mail on my “be well” message, about how going out and buying a box of condoms is wrong.  hEhEhE!!  Man that is funny... as I remembered, I did not even buy any, so I was not sure where she was getting her information.  I know that back then Capp was hot to trot.  It would seem she still is, as I am told, she is seven months pregnant.  Wow, imagine that, and here I have been talking about and referencing her of late, and here comes her link with the world of Maddness.  So I chatted with her, her mother, and her boyfriend, who by the way was really cool.  We all enjoyed watching TV like South Park and Seinfeld, and Joe/T enjoyed me flirting with her :)

So from there I returned to Jen’s place.  She was up, on the computer.  Part of this might have been due to the bitch locking me out, hEhEhE!!  Oh hush, woman, I was just kidding, actually, she thinks that her roomy might have gone up at some point and locked it.  No matter, I had a cell phone and did not have to bust down the door.  So we chatted for a bit, and I ranted how what the Cubs did to Dusty Baker was so insanely wrong and stupid.  They fired him, and why?  Because we had one of the worst records.  Some one explain to me how the two star pitcher, and star hitter, going on the DL for most of the year is his fault?  Guess if you are a Cubs manager you better have a medical degree to fix up all your players.  I think he was a great couch, and I know someone is going to pick him up.  I can see it now, next year, we will go to the post season, and be beat down by the very manager who we got rid of.  Jim Henry you dumbass just you wait.

So, the waking morning, as I was going through various computer things, I read an entry from Jen with her venting about a lot of things, including the fact that I do not seem to relate with what she is going through.  It is noted how I can gradually temper things off (drinking, bar partying) and how she has to up and stop.  It bothers me, it really does, that she would think I do not see or understand what she is going through.  I have to listen to her yell on many occasions that tells me a lot.  She is also not the only one who had things up and snipped.  I pretty much well have given up my sex life.  Now not only do I have to give it up through the majority of this pregnancy, I will have to some time after also.  While I had severed my exclusiveness to her a while back in an email, due to some bad things between us at the time, still I have not had sex with anyone, nor am I currently looking to do it.  I have made the choice to not look to others, so yes, it is the same as a basic drop in sex.  I remember how after a few drinks, I would look forward to a little bit of action.  Now, it appears my libido has made a right turn in right field.  Of course, what bothers me the most about her feelings on this, is that her feelings go off the fact it is not by her terms.  It is not noted the fact that I do not go to the bar all of the time now, as I use to, and that this IS largely due to her.  It is not noted the changes that I have made, including rearrangements of my schedule, which are definite on my side.  I have passed out or gone to bed many times before 0200, even a few times around the midnight mark.  She has talked many times or vented about the frustration that is me not relating with what she is going through, when she shows very little that notes these things I am doing, and there are many.  The further down the road she gets, the more she is going to get.  I have help provide her with a place to stay.  I have done much, and what appreciation do I get?

Well, this thought would rattle in my head, for only a short while.  I realized her post was late August, and I know that her hormonal self is on overload.  So it did not stay seeded in me for too long.  In fact, it was pretty much well gone on my trip back home, which was strange in itself, for I was thinking about eating at Arby’s, and out of no where, I get a TXT from dITZ wanting Arby’s!  Talk about massively strange stuff going on.  I decided to hold off picking up food then, and went home instead.  Yay to OT being released.

Well... I guess when I am massively late and it is for a cause other than myself, I am watched out for.  Thank you, Lord, as I was about five minutes late, close to six.  Reason was due to me dropping off Arby’s for dITZ.  She was not outside waiting for me, and for whatever reason there was an insanely long line at Arby’s.  So I made it into work, yay to that!

Welcome to Qwest repair, caller.  You know, I do not mess up my car and then call to have insurance to cover it, so do not expect the same for your phone service.  You greedy sucktards expect to get a basic insurance plan to cover damage that is already preexisting.  You all suck and I am tired of talking to you.  As for you, sir, your phone service IS WORKING, so going on for eight minutes about the durability, and what is wrong with the world, is not allowed.  Shut the hell up before I have your phone service disconnected and password protect your account with a fraud password, jerkhole. 

How ironic that I talk about Jen appreciation, with the lack of, and get a most wonderful email from her.  She talked about how much she appreciates me, and how lucky she is to have me.  How funny it is how earlier I was thinking the opposite, and she sends me an email as if she is reading my brain or something.  Oh, JOHD do not give her any ideas on that.  Anyway, it was very nice, and I was very happy to get it.  I wish I would get more, when she is in her good moods and stuff, for I realize she is not always in the mood.  I know when people are in that fuggy feeling it is not easy to do.  It is too bad that she feels as bad as she does. 

Yeah, some times it is fun being manager.  My record kicks arse in getting things done.  Of the two customers that I got, I was able to call out, get duty area supervisors, and get techs assigned almost instantly.  I sure do rock the boat.  I think that is one of the bigger things I enjoy about my job.  It is that competitive nature that kicks in.  It turns into a game for me, and if there is one thing I do well, it’s game.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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