October 1st, 2006


Un-idle Hands

Madd's Log, Maddate 060930.68:
-0000,return pad
-Aeon TV: Mythbusters
-not ready for bed
-slept passed out
-FFXI/pc: dragon party tease
-Jen/O over
-ready for day: minus teeth
-Taco Casa
-over to Jen/O
-Texas Roadhouse: Jen/O parents
-Cobblestone: meet Myles
-movie: School for Scoundrels
-return pad

So I came home, realizing that I would not have Jen around.  It was not a good nor bad feeling, just a noted one.  I spent most of the night watching TV, and checked a clip of this and that as well as all the MB episodes I started to down.  I was thinking of Shari/BJ and how I had not been hearing from her in a long time, let along just simply hang out with her.  I cannot help but wonder what goes through her mind... of course, this would be true of anyone I was close to.  I miss her.

I do not miss passing out, however, and am still rather proficient with it.  Since I did this, I ended up early, and decided to work out my RDM abilities.  I attempted to get a party together for the dragon mission, and had like three offers, only to have the main damage dealer disappear from the server.  Also, experiences problems with that I have in real life... a lot of stuff on my with no room for more.  At least in real life I am getting a house!!

Jen/O showed up with a baby, it was not mine.  She was hungry so we went out to eat at Taco Casa.  I really enjoyed listening to the lady there go on about how great and cool her abilities are with baby’s, to keep telling the little girl we had what a good boy she was, hEhEhE!!  Humans, they never cease to amaze me.  Jen bought, how nice was that of her?  This would be the first time I would see her go out and a box as not required.  Of course, there was not that much food for her to eat.  Oh yeah, on the way to eat, there was something we were talking about.  For the life of me I cannot remember it, however I hope to remember it at some point.  There was an analogy of some sort that she went with.  Damn you brain!

So we went back to her place, and the parents +1 showed up.  I ended up passing out on the couch, and I did so for ALMOST an hour.  I think it was 45 minutes, however I cannot remember.  After they left, we went upstairs.  Jen was being a bit whiny because I was staying on the couch, which I did for a while because I did not want to move, however, I knew the bed would be more comfortable so I decided to go up there.

Well, it was a LOT more comfortable once things started to get busy on the bed, hEhEhE!!  My word, JOHD, I cannot even think of the last time I had sex that did not end up with me stopping because I felt I was raping someone, or that I was so bad that my partner would start crying.  I know it is not her fault, I really do, still, it does something to your mind to think about how badly someone attempts to rape you, to just up and almost want nothing.  At least she still shows how much she loves to be around me, that is nice, and keeps me from wanting to up and walk out on her.  I mean, the sex I could understand, however if she just up and did not ever want to be around me, I do believe my human side would be unable to deal with it.  Oh yeah, speaking of which, I remember some point before going to bed I was wondering if I was going to have to find a fuck buddy.  Someone who just wants laid, and nothing else.  This thought was pretty much well erased after our play time.  Mental note: baby-sit babies, they get your laid ;)

Well we went to the Texas Roadhouse to meet Jen’s parents.  This was his birthday dinner as it was on Wednesday.  The wait was not very long, of course, we called 70 minutes in advance.  Jen had made some mention of her mom wearing a cleavage shirt, the very last thing in the world I really wanted to know about.  Unfortunately, with the way I randomly look around, I had already noticed it.  It was a glace that I otherwise would have been happy to be without.  It is not that she is ugly, old, or all that stuff... IT’S HER MOTHER.  Even I have standards.  Oh, stop that fucking laughing.

I got steak.  I cannot remember if I have ever ordered steak before.  My word that was such wonderful food.  I may have to order that again at another place, just to see how other places cook it.  After food we went to Cobblestone to wait for Myles.  We were there like 45 minutes early since it was a hop, skip, and blowjob away.  Oh, yeah, minute the blowjob, hEhEhE!!  I think Jen is pregnant as she went potty many times, including during the movie.

So how was the movie?  As Myles would say, “excellent”, and as I would tell him first when he asked me, “it sucked”.  At some point, long ago, I was saying everything sucked (movies, music) minus the mighty Floyd, of course.  Well, it would come that my “thumbs up” would be “it sucked”.  If it was a bad movie, I would make a reference to rather watching “The Hulk”, hAhAhA!!  That movie blows ass, in a bad way, mind you.  Billy Bob seems to really enjoy playing assholes.  In fact, in one of the trailers, he was in an upcoming movie, and was slamming a fat kid.  Napoleon Dynamite did a most excellent job, and I thought the two really kicked it off well.  I highly recommend this movie for humans to watch, because... it sucked!!

Well, there was not much time left on the clock.  There was enough to make it home, and make my final entry for yesterday.  JOHD, let it be noted, that two minutes before midnight, REAL POST TIME!!  That is right, baby, I still have the skills to pay the bills!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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