September 30th, 2006


5.8 Mail Harry Conversion

Madd's Log, Maddate 060928.58:
-0000,iHop: w/ Qwest \ Phoenix repair closing
-QT: ice cream stop
-return pad
-Aeon TV: Eureka, Max Ex, TNG
-not ready for bed
-Jen/O leaves
-ready for day: minus shower
-UPS wake-up: Action Pack 2 DVD
-FFXI/pc: RDM conversion
-1530,work: 2 HR OT released
-Raine: JOHD correction \ eureka board
-manager Madd

So on the way home I called Jen.  It seems that my brain may have misplaced information, as she does not, for the life of her, have any recall on the “boob shirt” or anything else I mentioned.  Hmm...

Well, misplace might be a bad choice of words, I find, as I come into work and notice that the reference to Jen I spoke of earlier was not actually on today’s entry, it was not copy and pasted to yesterday’s entry.  So, the fact that the boob shirt and stuff looked familiar is because I actually did write it, I simply did not upload it.  How flipping strange is that?  That makes no sense to me, so, I had to edit yesterday’s entry.  I think it fair I post that here, even though I already uploaded it:

“On an interesting note, the unattractiveness I spoke of before would be challenged, as I would notice just how beautiful Jen is.  She was wearing a boob shirt, something she rarely does, and while I was playing around just staring, I would admire the rest of her.  Oh please, JOHD, I can check out those things almost anytime I want, it is not like I do not have access to them.  Still, she looked really good in that shirt, and I think some of this also deals with the fact she actually talked to me, even though she still assumes a lot in how I would react to things believing “how I was in the past”, even though I have proven that I do not follow a pattern.  Go figure.  Still, wow did she look good.  Maybe she is ovulating again, hAhAhA!!”

So... there you have it, my crazy insane mind hard at work making my life difficult for me.  Thank you mind, may I have another.

Plenty of fun and rumors and information at iHop.  It appears that the Phoenix repair center is indeed closing.  This... may not be the worst of times for the DSM crew, as it means that some of the empty spaces could be filled by people who qualify and transfer up here.  Of course, if they did not make their numbers, I think they could be screwed.  Way to go in weeding out your employees, Qwest!  A lot of people wanted house and baby news.  It is nice that we will have plenty of people to help us move.  Kraber/Q said that I better not make it during football, hEhEhE!!

On the way home, I stopped at QT (not mine) to get ice cream for my woman.  Hey, I may not be dating her, however, I have my property in her so that makes her mine :p  Anyway, I got that and came to my pad.  She was passed out on the couch.  We went into my room, and the night ended there.  It started with Eureka, and I ended up finishing with TNG without passing out!  I was such a happy Madd...

... a LOT more happy then than when there was a flipping knock on my door.  Well, at least I finally got my DVD.  I got this solely for the Voltron episodes that were on it, and got a bonus of the Captain N Game Master episodes.  Wow, I must have really been video game fixated because these episodes take choopy to a new level, hAhAhA!!  I did like that the last one was an old school Final Fantasy reference with Astos.  I *know* that witch with the crazy talking brooms was Matoya, even though no one ever said her name.

So before work, I would learn that my OT was gone, making me happy and up and getting some FFXI done.  It would have been nice to nap, since I was woken up, however I knew it was not going to happen.  I decided to slip into my RDM since I knew I was not fighting any dragon anytime soon.  Shit, by the time I find people I will most likely be able to take them with my RDM.  This also allowed me some skill buildup.

“Do you have any locked gates or animals outside on your property?” is a closed end question, with yes, no, or even in some cases I might accept “I do not know” since you speak English no do well.  Going into a story is unacceptable, and remember by this time, you verified your address with me.  When I asked *IF* you have an alternate number OTHER THAN your home number, telling me your home number again is not an acceptable answer.  By this time, besides knowing your address, I know if I have any dogs to worry about when I come visit you.  When I ask if there is clear access, any locked gates or dogs, I am not asking if you are home, I am asking IF YOU HAVE THEM.  When I tell you that you could be charged if the problem is on your side, going onto a long story about you doing nothing means nothing.  Things break down, accept this.  Also, YOU are not the only human in the world who wants repair.  There are other people besides you, so stop being a selfish fuck thinking that we have technicians waiting specifically for you to call us.  When I tell you that your problem will be fixed NO LATER than 1900 next day, and you reply, “It’s going to talk all the way until then?” then you have proven your inability to understand the English language... or the fact that you are a piece of shit who should be shot.  FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, I AM NOT THE FUCKING BILLING DEPARTMENT.  This also means I do not care the reason you did not pay your bill, I do not accept payments, and if you want to give me shit “I paid the bill”, you have to pay it in FULL not just doing a third of your bill each month because you feel like it.  When I ask for a number to reach you back at, “my number when you fix it” is beyond not funny, and you may get bitch slapped for it.  The fact you are burning all your cell minutes talking to me just verifies you do not know how to shut your fucking mouth, because I can get you in and out in under TWO FUCKING MINUTES.  Also, WHY in the hell would we credit you all your minutes when you talk forever and a fucking day?  When you cannot call someone else, who has absolutely no baring to Qwest service, throwing a fit about how I did not help you shows how much of an immature piece of shit you are.  I DID HELP YOU, I SPOKE TO YOU AND DID NOT HANG UP ON YOUR PIECE OF SHIT ASS.  Regarding your troubles, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM, when I ask if you have dial tone or not, I want a yes or no answer, not you putting the phone up to my ear to hear it, AND FOR THE LOVE OF ME NOT BEATING THE FUCK OUT OF YOU, I FUCKING SWEAR STOP CALLING ME ON THE LINE TO HEAR YOUR PROBLEM, FOR HEARING IT TELLS ME NOTHING EXCEPT THE FACT YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID AND SHOULD HAVE YOUR LEGS BUSTED OFF AND YOUR GENITALS REMOVED WITH BLUNT HOT RUSTY OBJECTS.  You threatening to go to another provider will MAKE ME HAPPY, for that means that I no longer have to deal with your stupid ass.  I do not give a flying fuck if Qwest owns the lines your service goes through, you CHOSE to go to another phone company, you WILL answer to them, and if their repair is closed, YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING PAY FOR, MORON.  When we disconnect your service, it happens at about... 0300, so when you call at 2100 all pissed off because you cannot get a hold of the business office, THEN FUCKING CALL DURING REGULAR HOURS.  Oh, and take notes from Jen, yelling and screaming at me will NOT get your taken care of the way you want, hEhEhE!!  Did I mention our technicians don’t see in the dark?  Did I also mention the fact our technicians do not have webbed feet, and when you live somewhere that is half under water, EXPECT your service out for more than a fucking day.  I had my water out for almost two weeks, I did NOT call the water company to bitch at the fact I had no service because the Mississippi decided to flood.  Other than that... I thank you VERY MUCH for calling Qwest, and hope you have an excellent day!

I tell you, one thing that makes me so insanely happy to be with Jen is her ability to be just as I would be about some things.  I am not sure how to describe it in terms, so I think it best by example.  She makes a lot of references to little X, and when she blows wind, will make a comment on how little X is saying hi.  She will make comments about sex in that little brothers or sisters are coming to play with little X, and she will do the talking thing to the belly, which was well before little X could hear us, which now he can.  She does a lot of those “childish” things that I have come to do, like my references to Alex as my child, and morphing Alex (that psychological term I forgot meaning to take something inanimate and give human properties).  Hmm, I looked that definition online and got “Fetishism”, however the word I am looking with starts with “a”.  Crap!  Jack Carter even used the word in an episode of Eureka not too terribly long ago.  Hang on, I am determined to find this word.  Well, that did not work.  I did get some good posting done in the Eureka board, however, as I totally got side tracked, imagine that.

Well, got some TXT... Jen thinks she felt little X move {sigh}.  How wonderful for her.  So, the jealousy starts.  She gets to feel little X move around and all that wonderful stuff, and I just get to sit here, like a spectator... not even facing the right direction to SEE the sport.  I am happy for her, however, as I know how much little X means to her.  Almost a ninth of what he means to me, hAhAhA!!

I also got a TXT from Jess, who I had not heard from in a few days.  She did not get a response right away, so I got a “I guess I know where I stand”.  Well, squeaky wheel did get the grease, however it was a nasty coating and applied with nasty results, as I told her that comment was crap, to be nice about it.  Just because I do not answer your ass right away means NOTHING in any response to ANYTHING.  She is more than on thin ice with her antics, and using that bullshit guilt trip psychobabble is not going to put her anywhere on the trust list anytime soon.  She better learn that.

Well, my day is... excellent, actually.  I am so happy right now.  Maybe seeing Eureka for the second time in a row perked me up, tee-hee!!  Oh, speaking of Eureka, the issue with that guy in the board, well, resolved, that is nice.  Yeah I had nice posting, even got to work on the Eureka drinking game.  Jen has been nice, and that is a good thing when that happens.  Yes, this has been an excellent day indeed.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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