September 23rd, 2006


Flying Bone Graveyard

So, headed out to Orlando’s... in the rain, meaning it took me a while to prep myself.  I actually went to grab Alex, brought him to the building, then sprinted for it so my preciouses would not be harmed.  So I was able to make it okay, and once again, a nice little reception from a nice little bar.  It was nice.  Jen was happy, imagine that.  I showed off pictures of our home.  Yes, JOHD, our home.  It might be my house, however, it is our home.  Anyway, showed it off, and Tori/WMT gave the biggest reaction.  It is not a surprise that she would be the top of the reaction list, well, minus Jen of course, haha!!  Amanda/O wanted me to do Chop Suey (in lieu of that being one of the non Pink Floyd or Bodies songs I know).  I did okay, even though have a lot of practice for the fast part.  I rock at the singing, of course!  Tee-hee.

Well, after the bar, stopped at McD to get us some food.  As I started my order, even asking for a cone first, the McD dude could tell it was me, hEhEhE!!  So I made it home, and we watched the rest of Eureka that she missed.  Before that, however, I got to experience the huge masses that I help create!  hEhEhE!!  I tell ya, Angela/St and I have it going with this breast enhancement service I seem to be able to provide.

Well, there was a little more TV, and at some point, Jen just up and lost it.  She is all distraught regarding her sleep, and how passing out on me sleeping sideways is no way to go.  Well, I think it time we start sleeping separate, because you know the only way to fix a problem is to go to the source, and since this source is so often me, and noted often mind you (mostly when a fight comes on), then that is the way to fix it.  Not to mention, I have given up days and days worth of hours now, disrupting my pattern also.  I usually do not mind sleeping with her, however, this fighting and arguing and breaking down is going beyond my nerves.  I will say this much, she did not act like a bitch, and very easily could, with her basically out of it.  I very much well applaud her from not lashing out.  I mean, it sucks that she breaks down like that, however it better she do that then attempt to take it out on me, for we all see how that went over yesterday.

Well, my ass, way up earlier than it wants to be.  I was getting ready since I was not going to have time to do anything after I went to get the house papers signed.  As I was in the shower, I was thinking of the “legal” documentation that I would have to come up with for Jen.  As much as it pains me to do so, and it does, her actions are of such, and her temper can be bad enough, that it better to be safe than sorry.  So, lagging behind only by 5 minutes, I showed up, looked over the offer I already knew, and at 1210 signed the paper, backdated as of 060921 @ 1930!  I also called the building inspector to come check the place out on Monday... at 1130 {sigh}.  All these people and their insane earliness.  The actual signing went fast, there was not much to it.  I stayed a bit and BS’ed about my wireless phone, and also my web site abilities, like how most of my main site is done in notepad.  He might actually use me to do his site when he does it!  How flipping cool is that?

Before taking off to work, I tried out the new speakers I picked up.  WOW, talk about portable POWER.  I think I would have creamed myself had the test song not been Numb.  My attempts to get into work failed, as they generally do.  Myles called, and I talked to him for a while.  The usual, money issues, as well as just being himself, something I generally enjoy.  He is so honest about being honest about things, hEhEhE!!  I love it.

Well, work was pretty much busy for the first part of the day.  I had the extreme pleasure of more great pictures from Jen.  The way she does her nipple area cracks me the heck up, I almost crapped my pants... well, not as almost as yesterday :/  I am going to include those pictures on the gallery when I get that worked out J.  Speaking of which, I created more albums and arranged things a bit.

I also had a nice chat with my nabor-to-be, Mair.  We have not chatted like that since... well... JOHD, you know better than anyone, let’s take a look.  Hmm, well, that went bad.  Yes, I know, there are a lot of loop holes.  Well, it has been a few years since it was more than info here and there, or the time she asked about little X and house hunting.  To think, now she is going to once again by a podmate.  This should be interesting.

Unfortunately, while I was dealing with a retarded customer so sure his ROH problem is outside, more and more of Jen’s screaming filled up my head.  I could hear it, as plain as day.  It had been playing at me through the day.  It just bothers me the way she treats me.  I mean, she takes unique to a new level, because for how she acts when she is in bitch mode, she does not carry that for long periods of time, something powerful and wonderful about her that very few would otherwise do.  It is that whole turning into bitch mode and going beyond irrational in the first place that really gets to me.  I mean, it is like a preview of being a father, taking care of someone who throws a temper-tantrum... who literally throws things and such.  Reminds me back in the days when I played Based Loaded on NES, which was the cause of the damage that I am always reminded of, when I took my controller and impaled it into the NES, flinging the lid off.  Ah yes, the good old days when you could toss a controller and it did not smash into millions of pieces.  Some people are some people, and some things in this world I will tolerate, and some I will not, and some I will for only so long before it permanently wears me down.  I love Jen, very much so, and want things to really work between us.  However, the current performance is causing problems, and damage.  I just hope I can get a hold of repair and not be in queue for so long that I finally have to hang up.

Well, JOHD, hello, once again, and again, for the againth time.  More motivation, brought to you by house, no, not the Tuesday Fox show, and baby, no, not the Wal-Mart infant section.  I tell you, this jolt, it feels very good.  I feel on top of things, and I mean a lot of things.  As always, I can only hope that this lasts, for a long time.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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