August 5th, 2006

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Stairway to Not so Heaven

-0000,return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept thru alarm
-ready for day
-1330,work: 2 HR OT \ expensive parking
-pop Jess: my many (random?) questions about lots of things \ sad in morning about me and baby \ random chat \ my thoughts on her being so sure Jen and I are going to be together
-stair stepper

So, on the way home, yet again calling Jen, something that happens so much that I feel the other side takes it for granted.  It was, however, a very pleasant conversation.  In fact, when I said I was heading out, not having talked to her for but about around an hour, I got no gruff or grief from her.  There is that whole she was not talking much and seemed to be passing out, hAhA, however, that has not stopped her in the past, so, JOHD, let it be noted the great time we had.

Well from there it was all TV time, and I hit it hard.  First, I started with could be my new favorite non-syndicated show, Eureka.  This was a fun episode, as it dealt with a guy who was using a memory eraser that took about 20 minutes from people.  I really hope this show makes it big, because every time I get into a new series (Lone Gunman, Enterprise) it lives a very short life.  This show is massive cool.  Besides the obvious make Madd happy with effects, toys of sci-fi nature, the characters are so enjoyable.  Colin plays the character of Jack Carter so wonderfully, and the interaction with him and the rest of the cast is wonderful.  My word let this show continue!

Oh yeah, I ended up seeing the PSP episode of South Park, as well as the Lord of the Ring episode.  Then I hit it hard with TNG.  Oh yeah that brings it home.  I so miss watching TNG.  They were “Ensign of Command” and “Peak Performance”.

Well, the TNG lasted a bit longer than I was looking for, and I paid for it by going right through the alarm.  It would so be nicer if I did not have to go in so early because of all this insane OT.  So it was the usual quick to get through things, including hardly no time for FFXI.

So when I got into work, I decided to just starting ask Jess a lot of random questions.  One of them dealt with the last time she was sad and the reason why, in which she noted that it was about the fact I was having a baby and it was not with her.  I have come to understand her feelings rather well, to the point that I know it has nothing to do with Jen.  Well, it does in the fact that she is fertile.  However, besides that, it is not just a Jen thing.  I also know, that she is under a lot of stress, especially with a lot of her family not being supportive.  Once the marriage is final and things work towards her own baby, I feel this will flatten out.  How do I know this is going to happen?  It is going to, because I have predicted everything else about her regarding the moving on process.  So it is a simple matter of... 1000 percent batting average.

Of course, the night would go on with a lot of randomness, however, it would escalated rather bad when she would once again get into something dealing with being so sure about how Jen and I would so definitely be married.  It is not that she said it that bothered me,  Also, she did not say it in a condescending way.  It is rubbed in information, and it is talked about over and over as it was fact.  Well, I am Madd Martin and I think I know how it goes when fact is provided in a way that there is no valid proof.  She does not see the darker side of what happens between us, especially when it deals with our arguments.  She simply goes off of baby, and as she brought up, how I said that I wanted things to work between Jen and I.  I reminded her that I wanted things o work between her and I, and Bevin and I, and Melissa and myself, and everyone else who I was serious enough to either date, or really want to date.  So I unloaded a bit, and it had been a long time since I had done that.

The rest of the day, well, it was a rather decent day.  I was able to get more stair stepping in, and my calf muscle seems to not be bother me as much, and that is a nice thing.  Stair stepping is going well, I am doing that rather frequent, and not I get some good tunes as I realized to play Lunar fight music as I am in the stair well.  SO, a day that actually was going well, imagine that!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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