June 14th, 2006


Chocobo Swallow Contest

Madd's Log, Maddate 060613.28:
-Jen/O 5 month anniversary observed
-sing Rodeo song
-sing Hey You
-first contact Ericka/T
-first contact Terri/Er
-extended bar time
-0200,Jessica birthday observed
-return pad
-Jen/O arrives w McD
-oral sex: swallow??
-not ready for bed
-FFXI/pc: the trip for Chocobo
-ready for day
-pop Jess: possibly going to lose another friend since everyone he introduces wants to bang and asks questions about them not being together \ plan cancellation causes extremely frustrated Jess \ customer venting (both sides)
-mass OT rescheduling
-Raine: catch up \ oral sex clarification
-pop Jill/Q: thanks for comment \ talks of issues
-desk cleaning preparations

So, right as the clock struck, and I wished Jen a happy day, I was called to sing.  How ironic of the song I was singing, which, by the way, was the best reaction I have ever gotten to a song there, and, the best reaction of the night.  hEhEhE, the bar really enjoyed it.

So I played pool, of which my dominate skills took over.  I went to sing, and when I came back, Jen had given the table to a mother-daughter combo.  Ericka is the daughter.  She has some kids, and issues with men.  She is one of those, “men suck” people, and frankly, a lot of her problems with relationships will deal with her holding onto the belief that men are that way.  It really bothers me when humans think that, male or female.  All it does is create a cycle.  Boy treats girl like shit, so girls meets new boy who is nice, and treats him like shit, so next girl he meets he treats like shit.  Well, to add to it, while I did not do an exclusive scan, it appears she is not the quickest brain out of the starting line.  A nice girl, perhaps, just not too terribly sharp.  I would say Jen, Bevin, Joe, dITZ, and many other friends were beat her in thinking contests.  Of course, I would beat them all, mwahaHAHAHAHAhahAhAhAhAhAhAhA... er, oh, sorry.  Anyway...

It was really cool to be the last two at the bar.  While the bartender does not deal drinks like my bartender babe Joe, he let us stay up until real time, as opposed to bar time, to finish my drink (which would not have required help had someone helped me like she claimed).

So, we returned to my pad.  She took a detour, being very sweet and getting McD at the last minute.  After eating, she apparently was still hungry, because she ate me... and ate me... and ate me... it went on for, well, a long ass time.  I am piss poor at the concept of time, so all I can say, is that I was “done” well before she stopped.  Wow, talk about a very nice surprise.  It was unfortunate that I had as much as I had to drink, only because the drinking sensation wore on my body a bit.  Oh, excuse me, the need to pee is what I am referring to, not being drunk or anything, as I was no where close to drunk.  The thing is, in all the fun and excitement, I realized at the time... I do not remember her taking a break after I added some special sauce for her McD food.  Did she... could she??  Well, in the future, I would find out that there are ways to take care of a mouth shoot in a way so coy that it is not noticed.  Cool trick, think I will pass on that on myself.

Well, if there is one thing I should more than know from a woman who likes sex, is to hear something on the lines of, “just put it in for a while...” hAhahAhAhAhA... yeah, well, I was actually no where close to fooled, however, all things considered, and all kind gifts received... and that did go on for a bit, until that discomfort of having to let nature loose was too much (no, JOHD, the other yellowish nature, not the whitish one).  It is nice to actually remember the majority of the time spent, you know that?

So, for the morning festivities, I finally decided to take Peetave for a walk, and damn, a long walk it is, I might add.  I made it all the way to the Dunes before I decided it was time to go elsewhere, like, ah, ready for work.  It is SO DAMN NICE to not have OT to worry about!  In the future, RAS would tell me my enjoyment of an OT free life would be cut drastically short.  Some people would even call these people... assholes.  I am not one of them, I save that for the one who takes even more money out of my pocket than usual.  He might be my uncle, I still do not have to like him.

So work went well, and I got to talk to Jess.  She is the most spoiled human I have ever seen when it comes to birthday happiness, I am slightly jealous!  The way she was treated, last time I got anything close to my life not being another day, was Dec 9th, 19... ah, well, whenever I turned 18.  It was nice, however, since she has so many bad things happen.  In fact, something bad did turn out as at some point her diner date cancelled on her.  He later un-cancelled, however, it set the mood for a bad mood for her.  She vented a bit, and I was able to handle all of it without any problems what so ever.  It is very nice that she can open up as much as she does with the anger.  I much rather enjoy that.  Oh yeah, it was interesting hearing her talk about a friend she might lose, due to the fact that she is hot, her main friend has friends of him that want to fuck her brains out, and ask why those two are not dating, and that bothers him, most likely (as I am told) that he has these feelings for Jess and all this drilling on why not dating bothers him.  To me, that is just one less human that really is not your friend.  It must be nice to have people always want to tap that ass... oh yeah that bothers her... oh yeah I get that :/

So I thanked Jill/Q for her comment yesterday.  I know she is married, and I would not ever attempt anything with her, seriously, no, really JOHD, hey, trust me, I actually have limits.  She then went into an issue she was experiencing, of which she was making a big deal of, and that was crazy as I saw nothing wrong with it.  Eh, whatever happens. 

Oh yeah, so work is converting all the workstations over to XP, and that means that we have to prep for the computer being moved from our desks.  That was a task and a half.  I think when they made that voice mail about “cleaning around the desk” I was top on the mind.  Fuck holes, haha.  Oh yeah, and I worked much in catching up with JOHD.  I have some back posting to do, however, I will get to you JOHD.  Just realize, in five years, when I read, and things look... strange, you know the reason.  I will work on you, baby!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

(P.S. - dITZ says... um... "whoobablyyobbly")

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