June 5th, 2006


Lair of the Brown Worm

-FFXI/pc: WTM24 \ 40 min worm fight
-not ready for bed
-Jen/O call barrage
-Raine: software cleaning \ update
-ready for day: minus rinse
-Last Stop: drink run
-return pad
-Ryan’s: Jen/O, Dusty/J arrive
-over to Jen/O
-DVD movie: Holy Grail

So, I did what is definitely the longest fight in my entire life.  Most of my party left, and I ended up pairing with a WTM and we were attacking worms.  Well, it took us over 40 min to kill one worm!  Yeah, soloing as a WTM is not really an option on higher levels.  It was crazy, running away, casting spells, running to it, casting spells, getting things cast on us, over and over.  It was rather entertaining.  I got 120 EXP after the fight, so at least it was not for nothing.

I was woken by Jen calling many times in a row.  I am not sure the reason she does this, because anyone time someone calls more than two times in a row I no longer answer.  Sure, I can make an exception if my VM is full, assuming the person calling did not fill it up in the first place.  However, besides being annoying, it really puts a strain on my OCD in attempting to keep numbers in my phone log.  Arg so annoying!  Other phone fun however, included father calling and once again bring up the whole “baby” thing.  I noted that I had about three different women who wanted to have my children, hahaha!  That was fun.  Also, it appears grandmother is doing better.  I am not sure how expecting to not live past 16 months is better, unless you think of the fact that you get to move on to a better place.  By the way, I think this is the first time my room was not a BBQ pit.  It was too bad I had to be interrupted many times by the phone.

So I installed the new Media Player.  I am not sure what to think of it.  I did a little bit of cleaning here and there also.  I then got ready for the day and headed to Myles.  I thought we already watched the episode before, however I was wrong.  It was “Je Souhaite”, with the genie who made everyone go away.  Very cool episode.  From there, I went to LS to pick up some new things to drink.  Then I went home to complete things to do before going to eat.  On the way to eat, called dITZ to invite her out.  She already had plans.  She was not doing so hot.  Things have been getting her down, in general, so I thought I would remind her of the grace and greatness of God.  I know that worked for me that one time I had the lapse and she advised me to read the book of Job.  Of course, I still am not sure how that related to my exact problem, as I was having questions in my head “what if” when I die there is nothing.  I do not remember it exactly, only that it was a horrible time and I cried and was upset because I felt I was letting God down.  I cannot stand being human some times.

So I got there and soon after Jen and Dusty showed up for grub.  After eating some excellent food, we ended up back at their place.  I was going to attempt a proper entry for you, JOHD, however things were suspended due to Holy Grail.  Dusty has a thing with people quoting movies, so it was very difficult for me to contain myself.  hEhEhE, towards the end when I was leaving, I let it all out and he asked, “Does he do this to every movie?”  hEhEhE, just Holy Grail, and a few other classics.  Jen was being a crabby cake, talking about how we were waking her and not letting her sleep.  Hello, the whole point was to watch Holy Grail since she had not ever seen it before.  I think it best I just not watch movies with her anymore.  I had suspended talking to you to watch this movie, as I was otherwise behind.

On that note, I was not able to catch the entire movie due to me falling behind :(  I ended up leaving after the killer rabbit, hEhEhE, so I got to shout out some Tim quotes before leaving!  Thanks, I’m here until Thursday, try the veil!  From there, it was over to my place to pick up drinks, and then over to Sparks to prepare for some new drinks, and a new movie for Madd!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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