June 1st, 2006


The Ponytail Certificate

Madd's Log, Maddate 060531.38:
-return pad
-basic electricity certificate
-airport: pick up Jenno
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-SP: slight external help
-Jenno leaves
-ready for day
-ponytail experiment
-1230,work: 1 hr OT
-pop Jess: friend came back \ holding being pushed out over a long period of time is not a grudge it is showing what he is like when he does not get his way with women \ deals with past physical abuse \ random chat
-Raine: site research
-2300,BJ: 1 hr OT
-Jen/O arrives
-sing Rock You Like A Hurricane
-Jen/O constructive criticism: Rock You Like A Hurricane

So I got home, and wanted to take care of the games with it being yet another long day ahead of me.  After that, and dropping the kids off, I headed to the airport to pick up Jenno.  I have not heard one human... or even a group of humans, make so many comments about my hair ever before in my life, hEhEhE!!  It was so great to see her.  I realize in my chats with you before about talking to people and the like, that one of a few humans I failed to think about at the time, is her.  I guess it only takes about 8 years for someone to truly understand me.  My fucking word, am I really that bad?  Eight years?  Ug... I do not want to go eight years.  I am so not going to move to Nashville however, hEhEhE!!

Well, after finding out the strange rules and insanity that is working for the airlines, we headed back to my place so she could shower and then broil in my place.  Then it was off to bed, VERY EARLY I might add.  Yes, early, as in like, before 0300 or so.  It does not happen often, however, it did happen.  It was nice how easy to snuggle Jenno still is.  It is like, I did not mess up a relationship by forgetting birthdays, calling, returning VM, and everything else!  How cool is that?  I better not get use to it, not many allow that.

Oh yeah, before I actually made it out to pick her up at the port, I opened up a pack that I got in the mail and realized it was my certificate for completion of my basic electricity class.  I got 100%, poot!  Checking the homework, I missed a problem here or there, however, when they assess the point value, they take some ratio.  Like the final exam had 100 questions, and was worth 25 points.  I missed one on the exam, and still got 25 points.  So yay for Maddness!!

So, some time after her second shower in less than seven hours, and her attempting to wake me, I got a kiss, and returned it... like... a lot of times, hAhAhA!!  Very unexpected, and pleasant.  There are only a few I love as much as her, and I find, that a lot of the love comes from the fact she is so accepting of who I really am as a human.  Not a lot of humans can as much as she does.  Sure, some do about as much, a few more, however, this is about her and her greatness!!  She is great, and she partakes in some of the best hugs around.  I really do hope the Lord looks out much for her, as she deserves greatness.  Sure, I was the asshole after we broke up (per her, not by actual rationality), however that did not last long, and her dad never did find me with his shotgun.  So all turned out well, eh?  Oh!!  Human attacked me at the bar, haha!!  Oops, forecasting.  So anyway, yeah, Jenno, love her much, and most likely, until death do us part.  I am still not moving to Tennessee, hEHEhE!!

Yeah, at some point in playing around, I seemed to... “not make better” my knee, even though at the time I sure did not notice anything of a painful or malice state.  It is not that I hurt it more or anything, it just does not feel as good as before.  I imagine it is going to take a few months to be totally better, as that was about the time it took for my ankle to get better.

I made the mistake of sitting in front of the fan, since I was sweating and the like and wanted to cool down.  I passed out, and I did not have an alarm ready.  I got up like 15 minutes before 1200.  I got ready for work, since I got to go in A WHOLE FUCKING HOUR EARLY.  For you know, I love giving about 43% to the government.  If I did not pay such an insane amount to uncle tricky Dick, I think I would not despise OT so much.

Thanks to efforts by Jenno, I would figure out the proper way to put a hair tie in my hair.  What I was doing wrong other times I attempted to do this was I pulled the hair to the back of my head and attempted to tie it down.  I had all this hair all over everywhere on the front that was driving me sane.  So she showed me how to do it from the top of where my ears are, and... hey, hey, hey!  New hair style with my hair out of my face!

So another wonderful chat with Jess.  Some interesting information, I felt, in that when she was going on about an incident that happened with her and a boy, the event per say was not noted as holding a grudge when the boy came around and apologized later.  I say it interesting as the actual observational aspects of said event are very similar to things I myself have done, yet, some humans have noted as a grudge, or holding things from the past still to the present.  Hey wait, is that not the same exact thing?  Hmm, most likely not in accordance to Webster.  Why in the world is he the man when it comes to the English language?  I have no clue.  I do not care, he did not make it, so, that is all good with me.  Well, the point comes from events that happen in the past that lead to other things.  It is known as observation, I love to do it, I, do think?  Who put a question mark there?

So I was a bad Madd.  I had a bunch I was going to write, and a bunch of other things I was going to do.  I did manage to balance Quicken, and I did manage to keep more phone entries from being lost, however, I did not chat as much as I would have loved to, and I did not... um... do other things that I have no clue that I otherwise wanted to do.  STOP TORMENTING ME!  Oh crap, large cap words do not get a word spell check thing, that sucks ass.

Have I mentioned how much I do not like this OT?  Okay, good.  Well, I made sure the last three minutes of my “I am not even suppose to be here” did not turn into more than it already was.  Thank goodness my MKBSY button is not broken.  PHUCKTURD.  See?  No red squiggly line there.  So, I went to BJ.  Jen/O was not there, and I thought she would be.  Oh well.  She did end up showing up later, which was cool.  JOHD, note she was the foreshadowing I spoke of before.  Yes, I said forecasting, however, that is what I really meant.

The constructive criticism that I noted was regarding how I am not really rocking anyone as the claim is made in the song.  I cannot remember the last time I heard this song in real life, as opposed to karaoke, so it might be a good idea to find it somewhere and listen to it.  The last thing I ever want to do is sing a song incorrectly.  I know how crazy it is when other people sing it wrong, or off key.  I at least do not have an off key problem, thank goodness for that.

So recap for the day?  There isn’t one, so eat me, hAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhA!!

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