May 31st, 2006


Flirting DC Power

Madd's Log, Maddate 060530.28:
-Tanner's: Jen/O waiting
-sing Shine on You Crazy Diamond
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-1330,work: 2 hr OT
-forgot Raine power cord
-pop Jess: interactions with me shall be better \ advice wanted in riff created \ unsure if I am tired or just something about her

So I ended up to Tanner's, and there was no massive drama on anyone's part.  Joe/T was a bit more... flirty than usual, how nice is that?  I enjoy when Joe/T is more flirty :D  It does not affect her tip, as that goes for the service she otherwise provides.  To date, Joe has been one of the best bartenders I have seen.  While I have been given a free drink here or there, Joe has talked to me, from day one, and given me special drinks that otherwise I have not seen, and for that, I return the flavor.  Mirror Effect(tm).

On the way home after the bar, Jen called and we chatted until I pretty much well passed out.  Well, I checked my FFXI moogle to see if I could claim my "special" item, however, no dice.  So, I did what I do best at night, besides masturbating while drunk and passing out with my dick in my hand, I passed out on my various toys, like my keyboard and phone.

I woke, charbroiled, to get ready for my day.  It sucked that I had to go in 2 hr earlier, however, such is my department this time of year, especially after Memorial Day.  It also sucked that after spending 3K and all the time and effort, the "gift" I ended up getting was a stupid homing ring.  Ug, talk about an absolute waste!  It only takes me to the nearest outpost, and only if the area I am in is under my control.  Well, I see me coming into work without a Floyd shirt before I see Qumif Island being under San' Ordeal(sp?) control.  Bastards!

Work went well, and that two hours seemed to fly by, despite not having proper access to Raine to do my daily computer activities, like Quicken, myspace, frappr, and the like.

I also had a fairly enjoyable chat with Jess.  She noted how interactions with me shall be better, and that concerns me in that I know the feelings are there, so she could end up suppressing them.  It is my opinion that they showed a bit when she made a note how she felt I might be "ignoring" her, or whatever she said, despite I had noted already that I am tired.  So... she still has apparent issues with how life really works regarding me.

SO I also got a chance to chat with Shari/BJ for a few while on lunch.  As I was going through a few phone log documentation's, I realized I had not chatted with her for a while, so I gave her a call.  She busted her toe up pretty bad.  Other than that, life has been doing her well, so it is told, and that is good news to hear.

So doing two things of caffeine also sucked, as did my disappointing present (I heard some people getting some cool items), however the day was a very good one over all, and I do approve of this message!  Oh yeah, Jenno might be making it back in town, and if so, I am her ride from the airport.  If she lived in the desert, my place would feel just like home!  Ah ha, and check this out, JOHD, I am TOTALLY up to date on current events!  All I have to do now, is catch up on all the old things.  That feels great.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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