May 30th, 2006


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Madd's Log, Maddate 060529.17:
-Memorial Day: not observed
-DVD movie: Private Parts (cont)
-DVD movie: X1
-drunk Spark
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-Jen/O phone call: when I am on long car trip and want someone to speak to don't bother calling her
-speak Ron/LL
-lock changed
-ready for day: minus teeth
-over to dITZ
-return dITZ
-over to Jen/O
-Jen/O argument: the irrational Madd \ the barrage of cynical remarks
-Wal-Mart: Subway for Jen/O
-return Jen/O
-return pad
-Kameo/360: live
-FFXI/pc: teleport home

So a crazy thing happened while watching Private Parts.  Stern made a reference to it just now being Memorial day, and according to the clock, it was 0002, two minutes into the day he spoke of.  How crazy is that?  Spark and I got a massive kick out of that fact.  The movie itself, is very well done.  I use to really enjoy Howard Stern, event though I think he basically does the same stuff over and over, usually dealing with lesbians or naked chicks and the like.  That gets old after some time.  Hey, I am not a lesbo lover, excuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess!

So after that, we watched X1.  I thought since Spark had not seen it, and I recommend X3, that I would let him watch the borrowed copy from Myles.  Of course, Spark was so drunk, it is difficult to say just how much, if any, he was able to take in.

He was so drunk, that afterwards he went into his regular disrespecting him.  I asked him how I was disrespecting him, and he said, after a lot of hard thought, "I don't know."  hAhAhA!  How crazy is he.  Well, crazy I am not sure, drunk definitely.  I decided after a while to note that since I was disrespecting him, I would resolve the problem by leaving.  I am not sure the reason I even do that, as he never remembers when he gets that wasted.

Well I got a few calls as I was boiling on my waterbed.  One of the calls was Jen/O who was coming back from her camping vacation.  It seems she did not have as good a time as she could have.  Hmm... her vacation messed up a bit, could this be karma?  hAhAhA, JOHD, just kidding.  Anyway, she would call twice in which the second time she made a reference that if ever I wanted to call to speak over five minutes to not bother call her.  It was added also how I seem to do what I can to not talk to her.  Well... it seems her vacation definitely did not remove any cynical nature from her.  Also, I got very angry at her, as one of the reason I had previously let her go was to talk to my grandmother.  How did that call go?  How do you ask how someone is doing when they are told six to eighteen months to live?  If anyone finds out, I hope they write a book about it.  I did my best to start off about the weather and things like that.  So her going on her personal selfish vendetta at this specific time, a very bad mistake.

Let it be noted that I would end up with a total of seven missed calls.  Any time I get over two calls from anyone, I get irritated.  So that ended up not being a good thing.  To think, I actually missed her, and I almost instantly get welcomed back by complaining because things are not going her way.  Another thing on that which bothered me was that part of what I was doing was seeing my LL about two very important things that have been put off long enough.  My lock and my AC.  The AC was getting more important because my place is getting hotter than usual.  I am not able to get proper sleep.  My lock... well... I've been robbed in my place about three times, and my old LL, who I complained about the problem many times, never did anything about it.  I have been meaning to tell the current, but like going to the dentist and other things important to my well-being, the thought normally came after I was unable to do anything.  I can understand that she wants someone to talk to on a long drive home.  I know that my timing is off very off.  I do not even have time to feel bad at all, because she goes right into snide comments and the like.  I so end up not wanting to talk to her, which is exactly what ended up happening.  I have personal responsibilities that require my attention.  They are not even my OSD issues, like playing my games or the like.  They are real problems that require being addressed right now, because once again, it is too late.

So that is what I did.  I got up and tracked down my LL.  He was attempting to sneak away, however, I found him running for his car.  I was able to pay my rent, and get a new lock.  Cool thing about the new lock is that besides being a dead bolt, I am not able to lock myself out anymore (unless I lose my keys).  It took a while to get the lock properly set up.  Having a flathead for Philip screws did not help.  He finally made it to my place with a power tool and work was complete.

Well, I was hungry, and decided I wanted to eat and in thinking of what I wanted decided Ryan's.  As dITZ also called me in the marinated sequence of Jen calls, I decided to call dITZ to see if she wanted to eat.  Well, her pants were not ready, so we hung at her place a few as they were getting ready.  Alice in Wonderland was in the background, and I must say, however came up with that concept was on some SERIOUS hallucinogenics.  Can you stand on your head (as the cat removed his head and stands on top of it)?  Um... yeah, sure can you give me some LSD25.  Well, besides being a strange movie (which, BTW, dITZ appears to almost have memorized), it was also distracting.  The JOHD entry for 060528.7x went slow and very little was put in at that time, because that movie, which I cannot remember for the life of me, is strange.

So we went to Ryan's.  On the way, and during eating, we started to go through the "favorite movie" game, figuring out favorite action, horror, sci-fi, etc.  One of the more important ones, as we were heading back to her place, was favorite FF character.  There are many to choose from, ranging from FF1 to about FFVIII.  I could say FFVII as there are no really good characters in FVIII.  It includes baddies.  I mean, good candidates would be... Dr Lugae, the psycho doc in FFIV, who twirls in circles to pSyChO cIrCuS music.  Also in FFIV we have Rubicante, a most interesting baddie.  Kain is pretty cool, as is Cecile who has to go through a transformation from dark to light.  FFVI had some interesting characters also, most notably, Kefka, the extremely wacko psycho general who poisons an entire water supply to get his man, and has some most interesting quotes.  It is also the first appearance of a moogle, Mog.  FFVII has a whole slew of interesting characters.  Wow, this is going to take me some time!

So after my time there, I headed to Jen, who had been sending a few messages, and was still calling.  It was unexpected for her, and appreciated from what I could tell.  She was sorry for the way she had treated me, however that was soon laid to rest when she went with her onslaught of usual criticism and cynical comments.  It was noted that it was unfair that I did not want to talk about my grandmother's situation in compilation with her comment of me finding ways to not talking to her.  Of course, she stressed how her comment was not reliant of this in the first place, dealing more with the other two.  While the focus was on me calling my grandmother, it was not the only thing going through my mind.  It was a valid enough point for me to realize how irrational I was being, that I would be angry over something I did not want to talk about.  So just getting back, already we are going at it.  I am reminded the reason it best I let her go, not dating, as it becomes more apparent her cynical side.  She is the most cynical person I can remember to date, minus possibly back in my old days.  In her defense, most of this comes from the time when she is hurt, even though, most of the problems we have come from her being hurt.

This went into a similar conversation we had later as I was taking her to find food, where she asked if I thought she was controlling, in which I said I did feel she was controlling.  I feel it from many times when she does not get her way, as it happens many times and she works to attempt to get things to go her way.  Her methods are very ineffective in my world, and translate loosely for attempts to control.  One need not control a situation to still be controlling.  She wondered the reason I even hang out with her, in which the strongest defense in that favor, is that she is a very kind and compassionate person.  There is much she has and continues to do for me, despite all the problems we run across from time to time.  Gets me food, still wants to hang out with me, the arguing is not enough for her to want to go away and leave, making her a truly indispensable friend.  JOHD, let's not confuse that word like we do for inflammable, which for some fucked up reason means, "easily ignited and cable of burning rapidly."  English is a messed up language.

So things quickly went well between the two of us again, and I did end up hanging out an extra hour over when I meant to.  This was simply due to the fact I did not have you taken care of, nor my video games.  This could have all been easily resolved before, however it was not, so here I drive all the way east to end up even further west.  I really could use time management.

So besides chatting away with you, I was experiencing my first contact with teleporting.  Problem was, that you have to join a party, it does not happen.  So I paid a donation of 3K, and all these people are there, and I see DEM ending the teleport... and... poof, the party is gone, and I am there all by myself.  See, in order to tele somewhere, you have to have a crystal from that area.  Well, I do not have a crystal from that area, so I am stuck there all by myself, looking at the clock, going... "time management says leave soon!"  So the guy comes back, apologizes, warps me to where I want, and says that my next ride is free, hehe.  Well, I get back to the city, and prepare for the moogle to give me my give tomorrow, and, I finish you up before I get ready to head out to the bar!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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