May 29th, 2006


Candy Heart Children

Madd's Log, Maddate 060528.78:
-Candie arrives
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-return bed
-Kameo/360: live
-ready for day: minus rinse
-Aeon TV: Star Trek
-dITZ arrived
-Melissa stops by
-Melissa leaves
-DVD movie: FFVII: AC
-DVD movie: Private Parts

So Riede tells me the big news, he is getting married to his girl.  Another friend of mine getting married.  Of course he has already been married before.  I also got to check out a lot of the pictures and movies on his laptop.  For once, I was not the person at the bar with a laptop and someone else was.  They are going to track me down and take away my license to be a geek.  Candie would also later join.

I headed to McD’s for food, as I was hungry, even though I was more tired than anything.  Hmm... maybe I was more horny than anything.  Mmm, mmm, drink and the power to invoke my sexual side, that is otherwise dormant of late.  So I had no one to really take it out on.  Well, I am sure I could have called someone or something, however, I decided to take my sexual frustration out on my own self.  I fuck me better than anyone... I think that comes from decades of practice :D  The other part also could have been due to how flipping tired I was.  How tired was I you ask, JOHD?

Well, I passed out, pretty hard.  In fact, I woke up at some point, with my chicken sandwich next to me, upside down, with a bite out of it, and the other half on the floor.  How in the hell that happened is well beyond me.  I really have a darn good talent for just up and passing out.  I am more proficient than anyone!  Well, anyone I know at least.

So as I was working to get everything ready for Riede to call/come over, the games and the like, when dITZ called.  She wanted to do what I wanted to do yesterday, so that was cool beans to me.

I am reminded just how much I love, care for, and cherish Melissa.  {sigh} She called me as I was making your entry, and she just wanted to come over for about five minutes, for a hug, and then to be on her way.  A few times she is in the area she has been the same.  She has a boyfriend who she loves very much, and still, she wants to come over for a quick few just to hug me.  Not get money, or get a DVD or anything else back, something she could easily get from her boyfriend.  How wonderful is she?  Glad we never became anything, or look where her life would be with me as her boyfriend.

So afterwards of the movie thing I headed to Myles, well, not often.  Well, yeah, not often, and then it was over to Sparks.  By the time the movie came on for the night, it was rather close to midnight, so, I think I will just wait until tomorrow to make my entry.  Master of Maddness, signing off......