May 28th, 2006

ani-MaddFair 2005

Grandma's Special Tea Party

Madd's Log, Maddate 060527.68:
-0000,return pad
-FFXI/pc: first PL experience \ 21WTM
-not ready for bed
-FFXI/pc: 22WTM
-father phone convo: Grandma 6-18 months
-movie: X3
-over to Gem’s
-shmoke: 1 hit \ 15 min
-return pad
-Kameo/360: live
-ready for night: minus teeth
-Razzamatazz: Riede, Lindsey\Ri

So I returned to the pad to play FFXI.  I have been level 20 for a while, and for the first time I made it to Qufim Island.  This is the playing ground for those of twentieth level.  Well, I spent a lot of time just doing nothing.  So, I decided to heal some people.  This is the first time I know a PL to actually be of lower level than the overall party.  I have seen level 40 taking care of a party of level 15.  Despite the fact, I was not only rewarded with 20k, I was later invited to the party, and allowed to FINALLY level past 20!  I played for a very long time, and finally decided it was time for bed, as the party was disbanding also.  Well, Myles woke me up with an 1100 phone call, so I decided to go back to FFXI.  I found another party as I did some minor healing here and there.  Very shortly after I got into a party that allowed me to get some exp.

Well... {sigh} we see just how human I still appear to be.  Despite all that I have encountered with people I care for and love (Bevin, Jen, Jess, Melissa), in wondering if my emotional state has just disappeared and I pretty much have turned into an emotionless shell of a human, I am reminded just how much I still do have feeling.  It turns out that grandma has been noted for six to eighteen months to live.  If she skips kimo she will be about six months.  If she takes it she very well could make it to eighteen months.  It... hit me a little hard.  I mean, I recovered from it, however, I only imagine it time until that changes.  I have thought against telling people about it.  I just do not want to deal with the reminders every day about my grandma.  The inevitable is going to happen, and I simply want to deal with it when it happens.  Hmm... a little more of the hard ass Madd I am use to, haha.  {sigh} No, not hard ass, just dealing with life as usual.

Well, the news did put a slight damper in my leveling, however as with many things, it some how manages to get lost in the day to day dealings with life.  I mean, I can forget about anything, no matter how its importance.  Oh, grandma helped bring better light when the control she is so famous for appears to want to extend beyond the dead.  She is worried that at her funeral I am not going to have anything good to wear, hEhEhE!!  Oh grandma, you are a trip.  Yeah, while I may be in full Floyd attire when I get married, I dare not be in proper “human” dress for a wake and funeral for her, as I know she will manage a way to come back and haunt me for eternity.  Father seemed to be dealing with the talk of his mom dying, and I mentioned that fact, of which he said, “No, not really.”  Then I heard silence.  I realized, grandma is his last parental figure.  He will be the eldest, with grandpa being gone since I was a freshman in high school.

So, I got ready to go to the movie.  I actually skipped shower so I could eat, then I ate everything on the way to Cobblestone.  I made it only moments after Myles this time.  Even made all of the trailers, which was a nice change.  The movie... was... beyond wonderful.  When it comes to sequels, this movie shines above the rest, including movies such as Lord of the Rings and the like.  There was just so much unexpected things in this movie.  I shall write a movie review in the forum shortly.

So after that, I went to Gem’s.  dITZ sister was there, and Gem was sleeping.  I took a hit, and timed my reaction to it.  The actual feeling is... not what it use to be.  There is not too much to enjoy of it anymore, the reason I do not go beyond one hit anymore.  It is like I am not doing anything at all.  Oh well.  There is something about Paula/D also.  She looks very different.  I think some of it has to do with some of the weight she has gained, however, it might be more complicated than that.  As a human, she is much different, and maybe some of that has to deal with her being married and not going out looking to be with anyone.  When humans want to be with other people, many times they will act different than when they are in a serious relationship.  I think she falls into this.  She is... just not around anymore.  Guess it does not matter to her who she might be friends with now that she is married.  Who knows... it is not the first time a human has decided to go their own way, and it sure will not be the last.  In a way, I almost sense a form of concededness to her.  Well, to all those who do you wrong, or do you no more, comes your cell phone and the ringer that you know should not be ringing but is...

Riede is back in town!  Talk about taking a step back into over excitedness!  JOHD, is there a reason these -ness words do not seem to exist?  No clue, anyway, I got the call from him that he was back in town.  His woman told me he was coming back in town, so the reason this is such a shock and surprise is well beyond me not understanding.  That is the massive advantage to being so spacey.  It is like, everything is a present for me, multiple times!  So that was massive happiness.

Oh yeah, so I pass out a few times on the couch, and I am under covers fighting the -37 degree indoors temp.  Shanon/Ge shows up, pregnant again, as does her man Albert/Ge, and she seems... very receptive of me being there, which seems different than before.  It was a nice surprise.  Maybe I simply mistook her all this time, or, maybe I really am like a weed... I start to grow on you, in a way that, finally you want to put me in a bowl and shmoke me!

So from there I went home to get things done before... oops, too late, Riede called me and wanted me to meet him at Razz.  So, after taking care of my games, my penis, and my stinky body, I headed over to Razz.  Wow.  No people there.  No beer on tap... that did not last long, so we ended up going over to Styx.  Ah yes, at least this place has not changed.  Big titted women, asses, sluts, but most important... beer on tap.  Gather ‘round the good stuff!!

So despite the bad news, the day was overly an excellent one.  More of that wonderful rationalization, that someone who has been smoking for over 50 years, to be told is not going to make her 81 birthday due to lung cancer, well... I guess it makes it easier to deal with.  We shall see just how true that is soon enough.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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