May 27th, 2006


City Raiders Outpost Zone

Madd's Log, Maddate 060526.58:
-return pad
-cleaning process
-cleaning process
-Tomb Raider/360: demo
-QT: $13 can return
-return pad
-passed out
-cleaning process
-not ready for bed
-pop Jess: much random “happy” chat \ curiosity about if initiating sexuality would I respond \ crazy mean guy bothering her

So I skipped bar and returned to the pad.  It was that time.  Yes, that time, to finally clean up.  I did not get as massive a jump, as I was massively tired.  This happened after the trip to QT where I cashed in some bottles.  The funny thing was, at first, the guy was like, “No, sorry, you have to use the machine” when I noted the 10 boxes of Bud Light containers filled with glass.  Well, it did not take long to fill and overflow the machine.  So I tell him, and it turns out he is in the back, putting the bottle in, what else, the exact containers I was using.  So it is like... Madd grabs bottle, puts in machine, guy opens machine, puts bottles back into same exact box.  Well, he did not seem to want to do much more work, so he let me take the 4.75 boxes I had left and just give me the money.  Yeah, would have saved you worked.  Karma right back to your ass, bitch!

So after grabbing my taquitos,  I returned to my pad, and... I... well, I passed out on the couch.  I woke up in time to be able to do the majority of the cleaning (minus bottles, most already done).  I barely threw away anything, even though one of the things thrown was the old computer chair.  Yes, JOHD, stop laughing at me.  I know I still have that other broken chair, however, that is SO WAY different than this.  That chair is actually cool as half a chair.  It is damn cool and awesome, and that is my story and I am sticking to it!  So yeah, a lot of it was moving more things around, even though, I found I have more room than I realized, which meant, more places to put things!  Plus I had access to my cabinet which was able to get a few things out of the way.  Since the computer chair was gone, and the new one is still in its box (hehe), that allowed more room there.  There is absolute walking space everywhere, except to the computer(s).  All doors now close... and... someone has to return my vacuum so I can take care of some nasty business of cleaning the carpet :D  -lol-  Shortly after being done, and heading to bed, the city came in.  No comments, no anything.  They did not even test the fire alarm, even though, they did install a new one back into the spot where the old one was.  The one in my room is also still there.  Maybe they are attempting to say something about my room?

I just want to note, I was almost late again... wait, I was late, just 3.5 minutes, but not written up.  Thing is, I was WORKING to be on time.  I was going to hurry to finish a supply quest, and in doing so, the place I was going magically changed control!  That sucked, so, I sat down to /shutdown my system, and THREE seconds before closing out, some big massive Orcish Fighter bitch slaps me, and hard.  It was T, but might as well been VT.  So I hot foot it to zone out, and ANOTHER creature starts slapping on me.  You must be kidding me!  One more hit and I would have been toast.  Thank goodness I made it!  So, now you know the reason I was late... almost.

It is important to note, that Jess and I chatted the entire time together without arguing once.  I think a bit of it deals, with the fact she is just keeping more things to herself.  This does, in a way, sadden me, as to me that means she might think things based from events not accurate (i.e. she thinks I mean one thing, but it is really another).  As noted before, it is one thing to be sad about something that actually is what it is, it is another thing to be sadden due to information that is not true.  At any rate, it is good to see her in such a good mood.  This time, I attribute it to that more than “faking it” as she noted to me the fact she really enjoyed us chatting as we did.

There were serious parts, of which sex was brought up.  I would have to say the possibility of the two of us having sex is much greater now.  I would also note, that she sees the situation exactly as I would hope (and thus would allow sex to happen).  This deals with the fact, she knows we are just friends, she has accepted this, and she just trusts and enjoys it with me.  This deals with an age old talk how I view sex, and how it can be used to simply bring two people closer, without necessarily something relationship-wise coming from it.  hEhEhE... I said coming.  She noted, if she for whatever reason thought of it being anything else, then it is her own fault, because she was told ahead of time the score.  Um, that is paraphrasing, by the way, that last part.  No, not the coming part, that was simply my great wit at work, hEhEhE!!

You know, at some point in my early life, I noted something about the ability to inflict happiness, almost to a permanent state.  I have noticed, that in recent years, that happiness has had some bearing to those around me.  Hmm... I think of how this day just seemed a lot better than usual.  Jen, Jess... Shari/BJ... um... did I talk to anyone else?  Well, Spark sounded happy on my VM, not sad about anything.  Well, all these people in much better moods, and I care the life for all of them, and here I am, doing much better.  Sure, I got a massive project done, and that might have something to do with it.  I mean, I have wanted a form of cleaning done for... um... well, whenever it was Myles got married and I hosted his bachelor party.  Word, I love how you correct all my horrid spelling.  How in the fuck am I going to learn how to spell when you take “bacholor" and correct it auto for me?  Let me spell the damn word out already!  BASTARD!!  I take your binary and throw a 2 at it!  {picks up a 2 and throws it at Word}

So, today, a most excellent day.  In fact, I think I will note that as my mood, haha!!  Yes, yes!  I know that word was double used, Word, damn you, stop controlling my life!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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