May 20th, 2006


Raise (41.6066) (-93.5974) (reward) (lots of love!)

Madd's Log, Maddate 060519.57
-sing Bodies: request for Lyndsey/O
-over to Mr. Chance: w/ Jen/O, Juan, Jeff/Ka
-oral foreplay in bathroom
-Jen/O’s double-mint fun
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-Jen/O leaves
-Kameo/360: live
-ready for day
-FFXI/pc: server maintenance
-pop Jess
-IT Madd Desk
-2200,return pad: 2 hr pri
-fucking road construction \ fucking Event Center
-Jen/O visits</p>

So as the night progressed thru, I would come to sing again.  L wanted to hear Bodies, and it had been a while since I sang it, so I did.  Mr. Chance even got into it slightly, haha.  I was not able to jump around, obviously, but oh well, no foreskin off my... back.  I feel I am managing rather well.

So from there we went to Mr. Chance place, sort of.  First we had to ditch some dude on a motorcycle who was macking on Jen in the parking lot of the gas station.  Then, we all hung out for a while.  Hung like a Buick!  It was also a busy night for Jen.  Besides getting a mouthful of Madd in the bathroom, she also got tagged by Mr. Chance and Juan.  I think something about Mr. Chance working on a woman I was intimate bothered me, even though I have no proof as of right now.  I think it simply brings back memories of how he thought it more important to fuck me over for not only another woman, but one I was dating at the time.  While time can heal some things, I would imagine that if the opportunity came about, he would more than do it again.  At least I am not as close to him, for as I remembered, it was losing him that bothered me more than losing the evil one.  It is a good thing that things between her and I are less than they are, for I know with the history that is known of Mr. Chance, to go thru what she did... well... not something I would otherwise look well to.

Of course, none of that mattered as we all knew where she was going home to tonight, hehe.  I am not sure exactly how it was building up, however, something about the trip to the bathroom appeared to seal the deal for me.  As to the spark for that otherwise... I... really am not sure, maybe some day you can help me figure it out.  It was a... well, it was skip the foreplay type of deal, this time more noted on my side (the tugging on the body to get to my level was a good indication of this).  It was also near the ending part of consciousness... where a lot of detail is fuzzy.  It is not that I am drunk, it is that I am simply dead tired.  It had been a very long week, I can tell you that much.  I do not even think I had that much to drink this time.

I really do not remember her leaving, I do remember that at some point before work, I was not a happy camper.  It was cool that while dropping the kids off at the pool, that I found Jen’s ATM card.  That made her day even more than it already was, which, was quite the feat seeing she was already massively glowing.  I wonder the reason for that?  It was also cool that I was able to get ready for my day before playing FFXI.  The irony, however, was that in waiting for when I did, FFXI was not available.  There was a maintenance happening that prevented me from playing.  This caused a problem as I had not played yet.  I could only hope there was time off of work, which I found there was, so another 2 hr taken and down to 4 hr of priority for the year we went.

Work was rather well.  It really helped that my computer skills came into play, and I was asked to help around the managers with software and configuration problems.  It also meant that much time not on line.  Chatting with Jess was enjoyable also.  There was not any fighting or anything of that like.  The fun playful things that attracted me to her in the first place.  Of course, as with many good things, this would not continue for long.  My time early from work to get home would be riddled with two issues.  Female and mineral.  On the way home, I called Jen/O.  It started off quickly with her, in how she got agitated at arrangements for her getting her card back.  What really bothered me with that, is that it was her fault that she “lost” it in the first place, and to have me hobble all along to fit her, when this is her problem in the first place, really got to me.  It was not like I was saying, you will have to wait or I am not going to do it.  I gave a plan for her to still have her card back.  It is also not like something I did caused the problem.  If I did something to cause the inconvenience, I could very much see how I should go out of my way to correct it.  However, neither was the case.  It would not end at there either.  As I was attempting to make it home, I was stopped at Wells Fargo Arena, where a flood of humans poured out, and traffic was manually routed by cops, of which, they kept letting all the humans through, but had us cars, burning gas, just sitting there.  If there is one thing I am learning with talking to Jen on the phone when problems come up, it is that it is best I just let her go.  She is not a very good receptacle for venting.  She has not for many things.  Iowa’s road construction is definitely one of them, hEhEhE!!  I tell you, I SO FUCKING HATE ROAD CONSTRUCTION.  It is not the fact that it is happening, it is how the city is beyond fucking retarded in doing it.  Not one or a few at a time.  They fucking take everything down.  EVERYTHING.  Yes, I know, it is not literally everything, and I am being very beyond human in my anger here, however, I am beyond sick of it.  They do road construction like I take care of my to do list.  I think we all know how ineffective THAT is.  You cannot do a little bit of everyone on your list on the same time.  It causes problems, as simple as that.

So I made it home, and... ah... the power of FFXI.  I was in a... party, kind of.  There was not much to it.  Jen/O stopped over and that is all there really was about that.  She planned to play games while I left.  I would imagine, she was also planning to spend the night.

So... JOHD, how is it going?  Yes, it has been a long while.  I was thinking how the best way to get you back on track was to get back on track, like playing a game I somehow forget.  If there is anyone more excited to see you than me, it is me!  More so than many other humans how have gone into the fact nothing really has been posted since some time after Jan 13th.  I have been fortunate enough to have many entries actually written.  Some completely, some just the directory for the day.  There are, however, some days that information is lost, and for that, I am really sorry.  I know you can forgive me, however, as you are, well, more forgiving than anyone I know, minus God.  So, thanks for being around, and expect to hear from me soon!  With lots of love, Master of Maddness, signing off......

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