January 11th, 2006


Pop Top Maddness

Madd's Log, Maddate 060110.27
-FESS/gba (cont)
-Hearts/360: live
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-1430,work: expensive parking
-pop Whatever/Q: stat issue and frustration
-meeting with manager : stat concern
-4Sword/gba: advance to dark world
-JOHD back-entry catch-up
-Bevin eviction problem
-2300,return pad
-JOHD back-date entry filling

Well, JOHD, another wonderful day of adventure and excitement.  Well, really, the only two bits of excitement involved my manger having a little chat with me.  See, my stats, well, they suck, even for my standards.  I spend more time playing hand held GBA games and chatting with Jess than I do helping customers.  It is not as much as I dislike my customers, as much as I dislike my company, at least, where it is heading.  As stated to him, I am sick of the fact they have no plans to hire anyone new.  What problems does this cause?  Well, first and foremost, getting any time off from work simply does not work.  Already have an attendance occurrence due to not feeling well to come to work, and everyone using all the time up, which repeats over and over again.  I mean, I am not able to get my package yet because by the time my body is ready, well, it is time to head to work.  It is getting close to the end, however, and I am going to have to grin and bear it for tomorrow, whether I like it or not.  It is that or who knows what happens to my DVD movies.  So that agitates me, as does the fact we are so busy, in queue, and this is our “slow” time.  Yeah, I can only wait for busy season to hit.  Massive OT mandatory, here we go.  So another issue I have deals with the damn way they schedule thing (another thing that frustrates me about lack of people, is no way to move on the seniority list without humans under you).  The business queue thing they do is damn ridiculous.  There is no rotation at all, and some people are in it all the time.  I like variety, if I did not, I would eat the same damn food every single time over and over again.  I would also own only one Floyd shirt, and I literally would not have to correct humans when I tell them I have worn a Floyd short for over 6+x years in a row (as for some reason when I tell people I do, they think it is the same one... how strange is that?)  So that aggravates me, as does the bullshit that I sign up for three Saturdays, when I do not even think I am that insane and scatterbrained.  Leave my DS on the mailbox to be stolen?  Sure can... sign up to work three Sat when I do not want to?  Um, yeah right.

So, afterwards, was I on written, or was I talked to about it?  More agreeing with lack of people, and that was a fun 15 minutes to vent some frustration, hEhEhE!!  You know, I wonder if I can be that intimidating to so many that I simply do not get yelled at or something, or, maybe my manager is just... a... wimp or something?  Well I have been told multiple times in my life I am intimidating, enough that I had someone say she was not able to chat with me anymore.  Um, yeah, okay.  Welcome to earth, humans.

So, besides a surprise pop to screen (which is always a surprise), I would head home to do an actual wonderful event.  Aye, JOHD, while yet again I have fallen behind, I have been able to catch up just about as quickly.  So, I backdated a bunch of things, caught up with the times... and here we are now {lick}.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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