January 2nd, 2006

ATHF pool

Return of the Naughty Officer

Madd's Log, Maddate 060101.78
-New Year: observed
-over to Myles
-over to Bevin’s
-Riede and I break bed
-Bevin flips out
-QT: w Riede
-return pad
-buy Joust/360
-Joust/360: Riede
-not ready for bed
-Kameo/360: Riede
-Joust/360: Riede
-ready for night
-return Riede home
-Last Stop: drink run
-Sparked: scared him

Well, the misery that was working the end of the year would be cashed into pleasure for the start of a new one.  First off, I went over to Myles.  Young Mary wanted someone to do shots with, so I did.  Old Mary made daiquiris.  The shots were big, warm, and not really being chased with anything.  After a few, I started feeling rather well.  I gave Riede a call, since we were to hang out and earlier he noted he was at a bar.  He did not answer.  I called Bevin, and guess who was there?  Man I troubleshoot like a crazy bitch!  It was noted to meet them over at Bevin’s place, so I took off and went over there.  We kinda hung out and did a whole lot of not much.  At one point, the two were attacking me like little bitches.  Riede was getting rough enough with me that we would end up snapping Bevin’s bed support or whatever that wood stuff is on the bottom.  She would flip out, crying about how she never had a bed, and the next thing I know, she is inviting me to the bathroom for sex.  hAhAhA!!  How crazy is that?  Well, I had enough shots in me to be more than happy to compile.  Happy New Year, penis.  It was not like sex is suppose to be, mind you.  It is more of that take a quick dip and stop, give time, and repeat.  I had thought I was done with doing such compulsions.  I guess I have yet another thing to add to the list of repairs for Madd.

Well that sure was a lot of fun, and Riede seemed to have been keeping time, or so he thought, haha, two hours my ass.  Well, we headed out, got some grub, and went back to my place.  We played Joust, however, doing so on a 2 level limit sucked, so, once again, I cracked out for my 360.  So another game to add to my collection.  I am sure I could have done better than Joust, however, that is just how it turned out.  After Joust we stayed up and watched recorded TV for a while.  I so enjoy this new TV experience that I have.  The only thing that I really miss about it, minus the fact I have no movie channels, is how Tivo was smart enough to realize that if I had fast forward on, it would jump back automatically when pushing play taking into account human reaction time.  Not all of us are Lieutenant Commander Data.  It would get late... or actually, it would get early, as the sun was up and stuff, so it was time for bed, and time for Riede to crash.

Well, after spending all that time being drunk and crazy and complimenting QT for grub, we would wake up and spend most of the day playing video games.  There was definitely no shock there.  I would end up getting ready for the day, but it would be way later.  After returning Riede, I would head home after getting some food and get Hearts/360 out of the way.  See, JOHD, if I was not so... so... myself, I could have saved lots of time and effort in just showing up.  Noooo... just “got” a new game, so I “must” play it before the turn of the day.  Now that Spark lives closer to Myles’ side of town, it is easier to take care of business, go to Myles, then head to Spark’s.  So that is exactly what I did.

Sparkster was “sleeping” on his couch when I came in, and he jumped up and was startled.  It reminds me of those times I am talking on the phone, start to pass out, then come to attention in attempts to not make it seem as if I was sleeping.  hEhEhE!!  The reason I ever started doing that is unclear, however, I have noticed that other humans do this as well.  How strange and interesting is that.  I had showed up just slightly late as I was running behind from spending all that quality time with Riede.  So I did not have much first of the year left, however, I did have enough to get my games in before the turn of the night.

So... the first of the new year definitely did not go without it’s drama, intrigue, video game usage, and rated X plot.  What does the rest of the year have to provide?  (imitating Ren from Untamed World) Nobody knows...