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MW Updates, Poop, Priates

There has been some updates made to my site. The following sub domains are currently active: - (not yet in use, will go to a calendar, including work and related events; right now goes into space) - if you have cookies set to remember you on the forums, this will open the chat program (I am going to work to have it have a link to go log in, as right now if you are not it just says "Please login to chat") - will eventually go to the file download section of my site, right now goes to the same place goes - goes to my forums... GO THERE AND BE ACTIVE ALREADY :p - currently goes to Jarin's old page,, and shall be used to go to Jarin's web site - goes to the picture and media forum, - goes to the currently used support for my site, even though I plan to update this. Thus, no need to change any bookmarks.

So, feel free to bookmark these. Anyone who got an email about subdomain redirect from, please note it is the same thing. Hope you all enjoy the changes I am making!
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