December 30th, 2005


Misplacement Masterpiece

Madd's Log, Maddate 051229.47
-sing Hotel California
-sing Comfortably Numb
-return Jacy hotel
-kiss goodnight
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-ready for day
-pop Jess: plans on visitation Jan
-realize camera gone
-pop Whatever/Q
-Gem calls informing has camera
-FFIV/gba: Lunar Dragon defeated
-2300,pick up Jacy
-Orlando’s: dead night
-sing Time

Well, I would end up taking Jacy home.  She gave me a little kiss before she left, and I returned the flavor a few times over, hehe.  Then I got my long overdue food, and went home, to do what I do better than masturbation, I passed out.  At some point on my way to work, I realized an insanity that only I could perfect.  I had misplaced my camera.  I figured that I left it at the bar, as I remember taking pictures as the last thing that I did.  Well, someone at the bar was going to get to see some mighty fine pictures of a penis... some in action, hEhEhE!!  Oh dear me will my brain ever click into gear and stop doing stupid shit like this.  Well, eventually, I would get a return call from Gem finding out that she and dITZ had found it.  Oh thank goodness for that!  God, I thank thee much for the safe return of my toy.

So after work I would pick up Jacy so we could go out.  Since she had no where to think of, I suggested Orlando’s since I got a VM from jerkhole for an invite out.  The place was dead as dead can almost be.  I even got to sing me song before the turn of the night, how wonderful is that, the fact I got to sing Time just in the nick of time!