December 23rd, 2005

ani-moo cow

Get Out of Work Non-Free

Madd's Log, Maddate 051222.48
-sing Time
-more wonderful money on Madd’s tab
-Wal-Mart: Kameo, wireless adapter, controller
-0700,not ready for bed
-ready for day: minus teeth
-return Riede home
-1530,work: 1hr personal time unpaid
-business queue
-1900,return pad
-over to Amy/J
-friend Sarah/A visiting
-crazy thoughts of father and lying
-Riede, Bevin, Katie/Be, Jeff/Ka, Amanda/bar, others there
-sing Hey You

Well, as many times before, the bar tab would end up on my tab.  The kicker was, I was making sure that when her job starts back up, that I was going to start to get paid again.  Oh yay!  I so miss that the last two months I have not been getting any extra income.  I generally give Myles a break for payments this time of year, and he is the only one I can depend on to pay me back regularly.  Of course, he is the one I can usually count on asking for large amounts of money also :D

After the bar, would stop at Wal-Mart with Riede so we could pick up some toys for my new toy.  Then we would stop for a food run, and head to my pad.  It took a while to set things up, just because, well, I have no clue.  We would veg out with my new system for a long time, bringing daylight to pass.  I would wake up, and not really want to go to work, however, only 5 hours was open to take.  Needless to say, I took the first hour and the last part of my shift.

Well, after work, which was rather quick, I returned home.  It would be short lived as I would get a call from Amy/J for an invite out.  Might as well, eh?  So after a few, I headed out over to Amy/J’s house.  Her friend Sarah/A was there with her daughter, and Amy/J had her two children.  Children is an interesting label for them.  These children were, very different.  It was like they were either attempting for a lot of extra attention, or, they have issues with people they do not know.  I believe the majority of it was child-show-off syndrome, where children like a reason to act out because they otherwise would not be allowed to.  Sarah/A’s child was adorable, even though she was extremely shy at first.  My usual kid-like charm was able to reach her :D

So it was kinda a quick stay, they had sleep or something to do, and I had some bar time to make.  So I headed back into town, and made it to the bar.  Riede was there!  Yay!  There was a decent amount of people there.