December 18th, 2005


Land of Summoned D

Madd's Log, Maddate 051217.68
-sing Rodeo song: slightly altered lyrics
-notice Tody
-dITZ $110+ tab: wins bet for entry 0512
-over to Gem’s
-shmoke: one hit
-return pad
-ready for bed
-ready for day
-FFIV/gba: thru day \ land of summoned monsters
-sub wowed by time zone difference and being own uncle

So the night would continue, dITZ would note where she felt I stopped in FFIV. She was actually correct, so, she wins $50 which she said would go towards the tab of the night. Also thru the night I would see Tody. She was hanging on some guy, and I think to myself how truly lucky I am that I only kissed her a few times, and fingered the hell out of her, but did NOT have sex with her, despite all of the temptation. See, Tody is the type of human who goes around talking about how all men are scum, yet, look how she treats guys, or Madd’s, that have done her no wrong. Some where, down inside her brain, she was able to rationalize something... which, I did not ever figure out. I mean, was it that she felt I had sex with her as she was face down on my pillow? Was it her peeved that I *didn’t* have sex with her that night? After all, when we were talking, she mentioned how it would be pre-consent if we had sex while she was drunk since we talked about it before hand. She mentioned this fact while she was drunk at my place naked. Or, maybe it is just she found her another guy shortly after, or already had one in the lines who had something she already had. Fact of the matter is, I knew her kind, I was cautious, and I was right. Hahaha, OR, maybe it was the call and txt the next morning after I took her home, because you know, women bitch how guys do not call the day after sex, and here, I did not even had sex with her. All I know is, I already said my farewell, and now once documentation is completed, her numbers gets to be toasted. Then, like with Biker Babe and many others who have chosen their path, I can movie on. YES MOVIE, DAMN YOU!!

So after that, I went over to Gem’s place. I was ahead of everyone else. Gem’s cousin, and his girlfriend (the prego one) were there. I have an issue with prego. Something about her attitude that I just do not like. She has that “it is all about me” attitude, and it is very difficult to pinpoint, however the fact she was all about her baby’s daddy last time, and now up with another guy just like that, well... needless to say, I actually like her man (the cousin living with Gem). He is that kinda cool that you get from the stoner kid from Dazed and Confused, or The Stoned Age and movies like that. hAhAhA!! The fact is, he is not a dick, and that is cool about him. Well, at least it seems he can be that way. I just hope this woman does not take him for a ride. If there is one thing I am way too familiar with, is the determination of a woman without baby’s daddy...

So at some point dITZ and Gem showed up. Larry/BJ would show up a bit later. A great day for Madd Martin, as it would be exhibitionist day! hAhAhA!! Some how the talk of penis came up (in a room with 3 women, one prego, another horny, and another, well, herself, what do you expect?). Well, there was also talk about who has boned more people or not. I was accused of being a slut, and we took a vote of who had sex with who, and it turned out I alone had more sex than everyone else combined... you know, there is a prego in the room, how in the hell does that happen? Damnit! I could not believe it, however, I had to come to terms that I was. Well, I took the pictures I had recently taken of my penis (which I took since for some strange reason when the picture passes around, no one believes it is my cock, as if I was keeping a picture of some dudes dick on my computer. What the hell is WRONG with this planet?? So yeah, those few days ago I decided to take advantage of some morning wood with some morning sunshine shots. I passed it around, among the people I KNOW. Well, this was in cock size, of which, no one could determine who was bigger, despite seeing my member right there. Well, I emphasized the “I know” because prego is acting all crazy and stupid like, as if I was going to flash her my dick. In a way I might understand the reason she could think that, also, I realize that moving from one cock to another and her “man” being around why she would get totally over dramatized. Yeah, I remember something about the more one denies certain things in public the more they want it down inside. Fact remains, I may be an exhibitionist, however, I have my limits and curtisy. Larry/BJ, on the other hand, was a glutton for his own punishment, going through my camera hoping for titties and boobies only to find my cock, an animated pict of me playing with my cock, another cock, another animated, and another, hahaha!! The hilarious part was he would make an “aaahhhhgg” sound, and THEN move to the next picture!! -lol- Classic shit, man, if I was in my own home I would have shit my pants, however, I was not. Oh well.

So I ended up hiding away in Gem’s room, playing FFIV/gba in sub-zero temps. She likes to sleep cold. The last time I felt that cold in a volume that large, I think I was trapped in a MEAT LOCKER. Bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Oh yeah, so, I shmoked, so sue me. I was still ultra happy about dITZ being back home. I guess one could say that I missed her. Of course, you could spread that around, and I could kill you :D It is a strange thing, to miss someone. Well... not for your average humans, however, your average human gets bored. Your average human lies, and makes it well known to themselves and others that they are alone and want to be around other humans. I, obviously, do not fit that bill.

So I would return home and end up sleeping. Really, there was not too much to report for the entire day. I went to work, I talked to some crazy customer who was massively enthralled by the fact I was two hours ahead of him. He also mentioned something about being his own uncle, and some other things that I just kinda stopped listening to.