December 16th, 2005

FFIV-Dr Lugae

Dark Side of Qwest

Madd's Log, Maddate 051215.48
-sing Zombie
-FFIV/gba: Madd EXP trick
-Larry/BJ song request: Hits From the Bong
-compliments on the Floyd from E/BJ
-McD: Bosnian friend
-return pad
-FFIV/gba: Playa \ Madd EXP trick
-FFIV/gba: Playa \ Madd EXP trick
-not ready for bed
-FFIV/gba: Playa \ Madd EXP trick complete
-1008,FFIV/gba: Playa \ crazy 1991 staff room
-FFIV/gba: Playa
-pass out
-fight alarm
-ready for day: minus teeth
-business queue
-pop Jess: not knowing about me having sex totally different thing than her worried I would “leave” her
-Phoenix technical support

So, I would end up singing Zombie, and barel a note from the crowd.  Many times at this time I find many end up preoccupied with other things, and unless you are part of a group, or sing a song that hits home, you get the silent treatment.  No big deal, as I would go and take care of my favorite business.  Um, no, not masturbation.  I enjoy that business, more so than usual, however, that is not the case.  FFIV!  As I was playing away, headphones and all, I got a thing from Larry/BJ, who wanted me to come up and sing.  Another benefit of low crowd nights.  So I did, and back to business as I finished my beer.

Abbie/BJ was looking mighty fine bending over those tables.  Amy/J made a joke how I should find her a friend with benefits, and with everything else going down, I ended up sending a txt stating I did find one, but he would only give his number for hard core sex tonight.  Yeah, she was asleep, I know.  I just hope that in the morning she can appreciate the fine crazy humor of myself.  I am sure some where in the depth of my brain, I was also hoping insanity would happen and she would decide despite sleep, let’s invite this mystery friend over, hAhAhA!!  Hey, truth behind every joke, I know.

Well... between watching Abbie/BJ’s ass as she worked, and the sex talk, and Jess making references to sex, and the beer and shot present and the fast drinking, I think I overloaded my brain with sex, as I really was wanting to get laid.  After going through McD, for food mind you, I went home and had a nice self pleasurable experience.  Actually, in three ways.  First with my penis, then with FFIV, and then with my penis again.  My WORD... so much excitement that I passed out, haha!  Naked, yeah, big shock there.  Now, even though I am off the medication, I woke up early, and was not gonna get back to sleep any time soon.  So off to play FFIV.  Well it was still running from when I had passed out, so I reset it since that 5+ hours was not properly documented, and already saved.  Then a quick EXP trick and finally completed it.  It still works, I would find out, as the crew would be high levels.  Excellent, Smithers.  I am sure when Edge joins that he will be lev 25.

So I thought maybe since I passed out so easily, that some SP would help put me back to sleep.  Well, it did not work, or did it?  At some point around noon, I noted some fatigue.  I decided to lay down, I passed out, and then fought my alarm.  Crap.  I would be behind enough to not be able to get my teeth brushed.  BASTARDS!

Well, Jess continues to keep up with you, old friend.  In doing so, she wanted to clarify that her not knowing and not wanting to know about me having sex with others had nothing to do with her being worried I would leave, so, thought I would note that, even though, I have already told you what I have.  A lot of what I have said also rests on me looking into her subconscious and processing and translating some things, as she is similar to a few who while admits wrong and the like, will not let everything come to light, such as the attempts I make.  I realize not many do.  It is just that way.  Humans are so stubborn in not wanting to be wrong.  They do not want to be blamed for things, and all that other like stuff.  Madd... wants the truth, even if it means he is a complete fool and utterly wrong.  GIVE ME WRONG!  Do it if it gives me the truth!  That is what I crave, man!

So someone wants help with something from Phoenix.  He was told that the big cheese told him to give Madd a buzz.  I musta helped him as I did not hear back from him.  How cool and great am I?  Mr. Fix It!

So one of my customers I get, I hear that FAMILIAR sound, it is Eclipse!  I inform the human this, and I state it is track 10, of Dark Side, 1972.  Hopefully over time he forgets that, as it was actually released in 1973, haha!!  Madd was wrong.  A year before I was born, think I would remember that fact.  Well, there, I do now, excellent Smithers.  So anyway, I inform him it is track 10 and later he claims to me that there are only 9 tracks.  I inform him that he has a re-released version, as only vinyl, original release, and the 5.1 Dolby surround takes Speak to Me and Breath as separate tracks.  The re-release makes it one, shame on them.  As I am going thru his stash later, I hear him rambling to everyone if they have a Dark Side CD without 10 tracks it is not an original, that cracks me up!  At the end of the call, he tells me to rock on, and I tell him the same, and long live Pink Floyd, haha!!  What a great way to end my night!

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