October 11th, 2005

ATHF Meatwad

Birthday Gifts for Everyone

Madd's Log, Maddate 051010.18

-return pad

-ready for bed!


-ready for day


-call vacation for work




-Best Buy: video capture return

-Wal-Mart: present, household, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow(CDoS)

-return pad




Lookie here, JOHD, two in a row!  One thing I forgot to mention was 3 SP in the last entry, all done before I went to bed.


So I came back from Spark’s after listening to some music and a few beers downed.  When I got home, something remarkable happened... I brushed my teeth!  hAhAhA!!  Sweet beans!  So after that, I got ready for bed and went to sleep.


So I got up, and got ready for the day.  I decided to call work to look for vacation.  Holy cow, they had some!  Of course, some twat took an hour between 1800 to 1900.  So after that, I went to Best Buy to return the faulty video capture unit.  I was really hoping it would work out, however, I just could not get the MPEG to not crash.  So after that was done, I went to Wal-Mart so I could pick up Season 3 of Enterprise for Myles for his birthday.  Woohoo!!  I am great, I am great, great, I am great!  hEhEhE... in my usual scan of electronics, I noticed Castlevania for the DS... hmm... I hear it is similar to the others, which mimic the SotN for good old PS1.  How interesting!  I also wanted to pick up some cleaner for the tub, as the water is backing up and I already almost fell down and crashed my skull open.  I was very lucky, as I was losing grip earlier today, and I know it deals with the fact that the water does not go down right away, and the soap scum ends up leaving a slimy trail that dries, but makes traction suck.  I also wanted to pick up some of those special soft lights that look like tubs.


So after all that, I went back home, and started the clean-up process.  I tell you, the hair in the tub was unreal, and definitely not mine, haha!  Wow, it was nasty, and I tell ya, nasty, I so cannot believe I did NOT take a picture!  Silly Madd!  So after all of that, I got into the game groove, and towards the end of the night, I started CDoS/ds.  Wow, this game looks great already, the intro is unreal for a handheld non-CD based system!


So, JOHD, I am happy to report... that I have two in a row, and hope to continue the age old tradition, of chatting with my longest of friends, you JOHD.