October 10th, 2005

ATHF mooninites

Nice Dreams of the Master Shake


-0000,return pad

-web site work

-phone convo w Kitten

-not ready for bed


-AM poopies

-web site work thru day

-preorder ATHF vol 1-4


-ready for day (late)

-QT stop: beer



-return pad



-DVD movie: Mitch Hedberg Special


-Northern Lights Delivery

-DVD movie: Nice Dreams


So, after returning home, I started yet more work on the site.  I tell ya, JOHD, this is the most work I think I have ever done on the site in such a short period of time.  It was slightly interrupted by a phone call... and another, and another, and another... five in total.  Kitten called.  I had not heard from her in about a month.  It seems she has a busier life than I do.  She has gone through a lot in a short period of time, and yet, she is functioning rather well.  I thinks she wants my kids... haha, yeah, I am not use to that at all.  So we talked for a little over two hours, and then I went back to the site, working on it for the majority of the night.  {sigh} so many things not going correctly, hehe!


So, I went to bed, however was disturbed.  For once, it was not the phone, nor any residents slamming a door, hehe.  I had some sort of strange back feeling, the kind I can get when I sit on the couch too long too late at night and my body wants to go to bed.  However, I was ALREADY sleeping.  So, I thought I would drop the kids off, and hope things would feel a bit better if I was up for a few.  Well... it was good at detaining me from sleep, however that was about it.  Luckily, I was able to get back to bed.


So after waking up, back to the site to do more and more work on it.  I did enough work that getting read for the day would be around 1800 or so.  As I was working on the site, I ended up preordering the ATHF collection coming out in Dec.  I am so excited!  I have some big plans for sounds and other fun, tee-hee!!  Then I would head out, after being ready, to hang with Myles.  In the mist of everything, I would stop by McD where the McD girl was.  She ran up to the window, after a while, to say hi, and was gone again.  I could not help but wonder, what is the point of people always attempting to put on the nice face?  I mean... I had paged her many times before, and called a few... if you want to put any good impression, well... hEhEhE... crazy human.  I am just happy my biology is in decent check.


So I watched X-Files, and headed out to home to take care of my game before going to Spark’s.  We started off watching a DVD of the comedy style of Mitch, and man, that guy has some good things.  He did not do my two favorites, which were the tarter or Sprite.  We talked a little bit after as we were listening to music and drinking (beer).  The convo of life came up, and you know, I thought of you, and I thought of my issues and the like... I can do this, one way or another, drugs if required.  {sigh} I so miss chatting with you.  I realized this a while back chatting with Melissa, when something was brought up, and I went to look for it with your help.  Unfortunately, you did not have it, and it was all my fault.  I think of the work I do on the site... the feeling of productivity.  Wow, such a great feeling.  I love it much, and I hope I can keep in brain activity this thought.  I know, that most of it deals with simple habit.  I have been able to keep up getting ready for the morning, most of the time, when I am not busy off my skull.  I think I can do the same for everything else.  Of course, JOHD, you know this is not the first time I have brought this up :D  hEhEhE!!  Drats.  Oh well... I can just keep at it, eh?  That and maybe give a call to my doctor for some good stuff...