August 13th, 2005


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Ah, excellent. My skin creeped up and crawled all before I went out and did anything else. Well, when you think you could possibly be out of job or the like in less than twelve hours, what do you expect? For the first time in a long time, I hope that I really HAVE been correct all this time, and that, everyone else is wrong. Humans get their panties up in an uproar so easily. I tell you, I could so go around and cause mass insanity with the population of humans because, well, we are just so easily suggestive. What other reason would the commercial industry be possibly one of the largest ever? JOHD... I have no clue if we will strike, I really do not, and I think it highly... well, destiny, that I work on the final day of the contract. A strike would be pointless, all sides would lose. Customers would lose, and we would lose customers. The Company, the union, the employees... everyone. As a company, we have sacrificed much already. Of everyone, I honestly feel it is The Company that is being the most reduculous. Maybe some strange insanity makes them feel that forcing 16 hours of mandatory OT *is* a pay raise. Well, you do that and drive people to physical ill (just like what happened to Buddy before she got her ass out, like a good girl). Then you want to start making everyone shell out massive amounts for health care. Yeah, see, Madd logic counters The Company logic. You give us pay raise with FORCING us to work insanly like drones for you, and you take it away with increased health. We took a pay cut two years ago, when we extended the contract, and received no raise. While people may no longer believe in cost of living, last time I checked, it is costing me about a few million more to feed Alex. It is not going down, and as far as I am concerned, George W is going to phuck us all over in the end. It starts with his insane 2007 daylight losing time idea, what will ultimately have me late for something important that will screw my life over, I am sure, to destroying Social Security, putting us into bankruptcy, and... oh shit, haha, JOHD, I am being political. Wow, someone check the temp gauge to hell, it well may be froze over.

{sigh} Well, besides letting out a little frustration there, rabbit, I think it a good time to listen to another non-illegal ditty on my computer. Hmm... Blood of Ganon. Just sounds great. I think virt did an almost immortal job on this song. See, just 10 seconds in, and my skin is on end. Booya! Let us break this bad boy down... eh, maybe later, I think I would rather crank it, piss of the hearing and not-so-hearing nabors (haha, I think I am the only one I know who has been so loud that the deaf person below pounded on my floor/his ceiling)
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