August 5th, 2005


Important Human Info... IMPTENT!!

My catch up gets closer and closer. As I catch up, I notice there are some things I post that a few others wishes for the world not to see. Because of this, I find it extremely important to ensure the privacy of my friends, as I myself have no privacy at all personally for my own. To best ensure this, those on my friend list, I wish to swear to me, that any information in a private entry is not shared with ANYONE, except me. Anyone can talk to me on the phone, IM, or person, as I already (obviously) know of the information.

So, please note, this is not a cleaning of my friend's list. This post serves to see who still wishes to be on my friend's list. In order to be kept on my list, it is imperative that you post a reply to me here stating that:

"I promise all information private shall not be shared with any other human or being, minus Madd."

If you are on my list and I know this is abused, I will remove you. If you are a friend, you no longer will be. The happiness of my friends through privacy is something I respect very much.

The purge shall happen the moment I go to post a private message. Anyone on my list who does not post will be gone. To prevent this, simply reply to this entry with the above quote, promising me you will respect my friends as I would respect you. Thank you all for your time.