May 26th, 2005


Madd's Log, Maddate 050525.37

-sing Time: much better, Maddness!
-sing Kyles Mom is a Stupid Bitch
-sing ????
-over to Gem's
-wake-up shmoke call
-SSBM sound insanity
-over to dITZ
-McD: Jon/McD the night man \ Ashley/McD still working there?
-return pad
-ready for bed
-ready for day
-pop Whatever/Q
-pop Ellen
-pop Jennifer/Q
-2300,return pad: dITZ waiting
-entry catch up

Well, much improvement on the Time singing.  I am happy for that.  Kyles mom could have used some help.  Unfortunately, I do not remember the last song that I sang.  Oh well.  So from the bar, we darted over to Gem's to wake her butt up.  It was great, haha, for after a quick shmoking session I went and cranked out some SSBM crazy shit.  Talk about my brain in overdrive, the music really hit the spot.  After that, over to the inside of dITZ place for the first time.  Mmmm... Lunar 2 fight music {droooooool}.

I had some possibly great news from the world of McD.  Ashley/McD may not be not working there as I thought!  Jon/McD, a really cool dude at the drive thru musta recognised me or something.  It was nice, I am really starting to enjoy this McD over on 14th.

POOP!  My ass still works!

So, the rest of the day was... well... pretty much well you average run of the mill day.  Well, there were the conversatios, of which I cannot rememeber all that much of the stuff said.  Whatever/Q talked something about something and I asked if she followed and I am not sure or she was not SORRY I do not speak MONKEY.  Um... Jennifer/Q, some flirting, and Ellen... I think we talked about... nevermind, I really do have no clue.

Instead of BJ, I went home because dITZ invited me to my place, haha!!  Ah yes, some greatness with LUNAR 2!!  I would, of course, want to take care of my gal {smoooooch}.
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