May 25th, 2005


Madd's Log, Maddate 050524.27

-Chris/Gem over
-ready for bed
-ready for day
-cable box returned
-1430,work: early
-pop Jennifer/Q: talked about phone call while at Spark's
-pop Whatever/Q: goes into the disbelief of how detailed JOHD entries are
-pop Ellen: hypothetical sex situation \ sex before marriage \ casual sex effects on friendships
-lower left back problem

So, Gem's man came over for some Super Smaaaaaaaaaaaaaash Brotherrrrrrrrrrrrr Meeeeelleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! fun.  It was fun owning him, yet again.  His powers with others characters are indeed improved.

I woke up rather early, well, for me, and got the box ready to take back to Mediaphuck.  Hmm... I think something is now wrong with my main cable?  No time to check, love, I just came to read the meter.  So I went and returned the box, waited forever to Myles to answer at work and he never did, and got me some grub.  So once again, at work early, and the natives flip out, haha!!

Jennifer/Q talked about the phone call when I was at Spark's place.  We debated about the fact that Sparky is someone who... well... you just cannot understand Spark without knowing him for a few years or so.  Yeah, so that was a fun conversation.

Whatever/Q talked about more on the detailed information on JOHD.  I am not sure she gets it.  Who knows, blarg.

Ellen... well, her conversation was extremely interesting.  We talked about some hypothetical sexual situations, one being that one should test drive sex before marriage, no waiting around, whether or not you marry the person.  You know... this is such a loaded comment, I think I shall think more on it, eh?  Her thoughts did move me to think more on me and my relationship standards, one being communication problems that I want on my side of the fence.

The rest of the day was... well... average, actually.  Well, all minus the sprint to the water drink dispenser thing.  I somehow pulled a back muscle.  I feel so Sosaish! 

dITZ called me to BJ, so I went.  I spent the time catching up with you, old girl.
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