May 19th, 2005


Madd's Log, Maddate 050518.38

-pass out couch
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-1430,work: no parking
-pop Whatever/Q
-pop Jennifer/Q
-sing Time

Okay, so... well... a bit much vodka there in a short period of time lead to my hard core crashing.  hAhAhA!!  Oh yeah baby it was great.  I tell ya though, however, before hand Spark and I went through some great memories, including the song thing.  I so cannot believe that he did not bet me and make a wild guess, I mean, it was not like he was going to lose any money.  Well, all of it did not matter, my consciousness was not meant to be, and, on the couch, I felt my life slip away... well, the conscious one at least.

I believe I woke some time around 0532, and got my stuff and headed to McD.  McD was not there, and I found a new found love for this thing called sausage biskets.  Oh my flipping word those things are so darn yummy.  It is too bad they were unable to give me a brain boost, as I passed out in bed before being able to get ready for the big sleepo.  Ooooh!!  Imagine that!

When I woke up, I thought for sure I was going to be drunk all day.  Well, luckily I was not.  The Cub's game was good to catch, I almost forgot they started at 1135.  That is insanity, to Madd.  Wow, so much done when I beat the alarm for the second time!  I got to COOK my food before work.  I did not eat it all, yeah, however that was the plan.  Mmmm... good stuff.

So, okay, no parking sucks, and having it all paid is great, too bad last time it was not I would have avoided a ticket, hehe!  It took a while to get use to working and the like.  While I was not drunk all day, and while I was not hung over, I sure was feeling, well... I think the RUN from QT had something to do at first also.  I touched a boob!  hEhEhE!!

Skip a bit, brother.

Oh wait!  Yeah, Jill/Q in the brain again, thinking crazy shit like laptop for sex.  Yeah, don't even start with me bitch telling me how a bad mother am I, haha, you know my brain, so don't even go there.  Well, yeah, it was one of those crazy things, and the solution?  Awww yeah boooooieee... turned on some Floyd, some Atom Heart Mother, and there it was, gone and done with.  hEhEhE!!  The power of Floyd compells me.  THAT REMINDS ME!  Chick from Qwest calls up, customer on line with her, and she mentions something about the great soothing music she hears.  I say Pink Floyd, she asks what album, and I tell her it is nothing she is going to hear on the radio.  I state album Atom Heart Mother, and she mentioned the fact it sounded like Alan Parson's Project, and I laughed and adviced her that the engineer was Alan, and all was great, hahaha!!  Weeeeeeee!!

I like green apples!

So, work otherwise went by, and to BJ I went.  I really believe I must work on Time, just because I am not sure.  Just do.  Jessica/BJ was there, and Bevin was there, as was her sister and sister's man.  I got some shots!!  Whoohoo, did not have to pay for a few of them!  Yay for Madd...
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