May 16th, 2005

ani-moo cow

Require assistance

I think instead of being charged $1,000 to be told something I believe I already know, I am going to tap into the cheaper, and most likely better, resorce: humans (um... that is you all reading this)

I have isolated that my greatest problem lies with normally being mentally preoccupied and remembering to do things during a time that does not work. As an example, I have stated to myself for a good number of YEARS, to go to a dentist. I do so during times I am working, after hours, etc. So, nothing gets done. Or, I tell myself to save a voice mail message, and I do so while on the toliet (my greatest thinking time) before I am going to hop in the shower before I am going to head to work. I think to call someone, yet it is done while I am working, at a bad time, what have you.

So I am asking for help, for I require help to at least get started in the mental repair processes. The help I am asking for will have a few benefits.

-time together: whoever is going to help me will have to somehow be active in my life, either by phone, instant messaging, or possibily even in person. I realize many wish for more time with me some how, chatt or the like, and this would be an excellent way to do so.

-making a difference: you will be helping a human being, that deep down great feeling of having "importance" in life can be added to (like the great feeling I get when I am here for my friends, for example)

-easy: more so than even myself, what I ask for is more simple to do than actually reading what I have written, and all the great details of what is happening are below

-reading LJ posts by my friends
-keeping tabs on email
-keeping tabs with human friends
-keeping schedule up to date
-brushing teeth
-making JOHD entries
-other similar things to help maintain my life (cleaning from time to time, and basically reminding me to do things)

-to get things automatted for me in a way that I no longer require the reminders themselves. while the process of mass reminders and nagging (yes, you get to nag me AND get away with it) will be done at first, the hope is to get my brain configured to do it by itself

-you must have good internet access OR a cell phone with texting capibilities
-instant messaging with AIM, yahoo, and MSN highly recommended
-must be dedicated in helping Madd by keeping CONTINOUS contact. this possibly means calling or messaging me many times more than I contact you (hence the reason I am looking for help)
-must be able to continously contact around the midnight time (CST) or so


I have done many things myself, using technology and the like, to set reminders and the like. I end up not remembering or procrastinating it. Thus, I will go to humans, especially since they can nag and the like better than any technology around (minus shareware programs). More details about how things will go down will be discussed in private to anyone interested. Show interest by either AIM, yahoo, ICQ, or reply to here, thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help!

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