March 11th, 2005


Win Sum Lose DS

{yawn} touched... hmm... how interesting a mood that could be. well, soon i shall have completely lost my mind. it appears that my memory just wants me to be more confused than ever. i am remembering and retaining information on some of the strangest things, yet, am becoming even more scatterbrained than ever before. the lastest tail, JOHD dear, has my Nintendo DS, lost, forever, left on the top of my mailbox before work last Sat. Even remembering it was most likely there and calling Myles from work to get it was not enough to save me.

plus, I know there is something wrong with me, I just do not know what it is. i guess it is time to finally take action on my next day off, to have my brain somewhat looked at.

eeks {yawn}
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    "Lifeforce Tactile Freefall OC" - Midee, Prozax