March 10th, 2005

ani-moo cow


Mooooooooooooooooooooo!!  Maybe I am next?  Ouch that clapping hurt.  I explained drinking song.  Okay, let's see... I am guessing Matt... I think I am seeing a Matt... damn... I am just like everyone else and do not know my own damn name.  So, I am amending my truth ability definition so that I can accept something from human programming and not be lying about it, for, this is how it is defined.

• Any human who wants to blame me for the whole destructive nature of their existance, even when it is their own fault, I can take responsibility due to the fact that I will always be a partial responsibility to the failure of any relationship, since in any given relationship it is defined that it takes two for it to fail, never one.  So even... um, it is like many times over thus i forgot to remember information to that which is what I was talking about.  JOHD, please forgive me.

It is all good... I wish the best for all including those who may possibly not deserve it in my eyes, since I am human and stupid and selfish myself.  Forgive me, and I shall thinkthank you.  For what, I am not yet sure.  God bless all who exist.
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