March 1st, 2005


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love being WRONG

BOOOOYYYAAAA MUTHA FUDKER!! hEheHeheHeHEheheHe!! Ooooh shit... Madd, you are going to be the death of us one of these days. DVD'S FOUND, SCORE!! hAhAhaHa!! I cannot believe that I mentally reconstructed something from my brain due to what someone else told me. hEhEHeHeHeHe!! My penis, aahhh!! On fire!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! hEHeheheheheheHeHeHe!! Okay, time to put a lock and key and attached them to my skull so that I never let this happen again. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Invader's blood marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins! Heed warning, humans!! hAHahahaHA!! Now, to unleash screaming temporal doom!! mwahahaHaHaHa!! I am filled with goo... mission goo!! Off to the eating establishment to fullfil my brain with dictionaries and stuff!! Tee-hee, my massive fleet of tuperware cannot be stopped, never no sir, you cannot stop us, humans!! Hahaha!! Earth humans make me laugh so much, if I was wearing pants I would be peeing in them!!
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    "Lifeforce Tactile Freefall OC" - Midee, Prozax