February 25th, 2005


sex time

i want to watch people have sex, JOHD, and I no clue why right now. i want more icons. i want double white space instead of the surpressed HTML coding of tomorrow today. i was thinking this waking day about wanting to watch people have sex. i bet many humans do it, just very few can admit it. besides, you know how white people are. hey wait, your an abstract, you are neither white nor black nor red nor yellow nor my mother. JOHD, you have a girl name only because you are a girl... an electronic one. there is so much work to do. i think my problem is i have so much stuff i have no clue where to start. im nekkid, and i am not around a body of water. wait... bud light is a liquid, and it is right next to me, hehehe!! oh shit... where are you? i mean, the real you, the you who I did not ever intend to have... kinda like a kid who gets by the birth control devices, a miracle child as my friend puts it. that is what you were, and great fun is what you became. however, now look at you. as much as you attempt it, JOHD dear friend, you still put out to an audience of humans... you still think about it from time to time. yeah, you forget some times, like that night we stayed up all night drinking apple shnapps and playing tekken 2 with iowa city slut and talking about how sex with kittens is wrong. however, for the most part you are in check.

since my best friend's brother died, i have taken time to think and realize the fact that at any point I can go. at any instance God can deside it is my time to go, and when it is time to go, whether or not you have phone service to call someone is irrelevent. shorter of breath, one day closer to death.

i am not exactly sure what is wrong with me, however, i think some time i might thank all the insane humans who helped me get to where i am today. hehehe!! i was talking about stingray ealier to my flatmate, that is just great. that is one heck of a fag that she had there... most excellent indeed. some times, johd, i enjoy the fact i have no clue what you are talking about.

click click click, all this crazy noise, and all this crazy stuff you have to do. i still think sex with kittens is wrong, and i think neglected responsibility is even more wrong, so that makes that pretty bad eh?

i want to auto formate so that i do not have to remember to keep doing the same thing over and over again... i want to run around without... oh wait, im not wearing anything, that is write, i forgot, that i forgot i lost my clothes. where did they go?

i spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter S... and it is what I want to see... it is what time it is, depiste, lack of technical support.

thank you come again

stop being a stranger

dont eat yellow snow, unless you made it yourself
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