February 15th, 2005

ani-moo cow

A Shameful Plug

M-Filez (<~~~~ click here!)

Humans, you can click here to partake in some files.  At the time of this posting, the three files are Boobies, Boobies (radio edit), and Zeldo.

-Boobies: a wonderful creation of Spark and Madd
-Boobies (radio edit): the file above, only with the "f" word replaced by "Floyd"
-Zeldo: a nice little tribute to a classic video game, Zelda.

Feel free to spread the files or the links to the files with any file sharing program.  I ask no spamming of any of the links if you decide to share the links with others.  Also, feel free to join up with my forums, as it is not only free, it is ad-free with no annoying pop-ups or stupid stuff of that nature!
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