January 19th, 2005


i can cheat

181.5 whoohoo a new record!! i r gonna get fat, as opposed to phat. Yay for me, yay for beer, boo to humans. Ever since that dude came up asking for money, all I can think of is how much I dislike human. Humans and their manual labor. I mean, JOHD, they can be cool, however, every single fucking human turns out, some way shape or form, to be the same damn fucking thing. hAhAhA... sure, i am no walk in the park at time, and I realize how I end up the way I am many times, and it sucks that I let happen what does, and you know, all I can say is, it sucks to be a human, oh well... I shall live with it, or, I shall die. some time I shall die, actually, and the thing is I look forward to it. not that I want to die, I am just darn curious as to what it is like to be dead. curiosity has gotten me into plenty of trouble, and I think that the reason I have not attempted death, well, minus that one time, is because then I think I will not be able to explore any of my other curiosities.

i wanna talk about something else right now, like, alcohol... the OH group... hmm... if I spelled alcohol anywhere close to correctly, then it has an OH group... kinda crazy like when... ah... what was I thinking? crap, distracted, in a good way, mind you, however it is the same that I am distracted and typing without looking as to what I am foing this hit liokes the way I sing Pink Floyd, he commented and I enjoyed that fact. I so do not type correctly, I think that is why it looks lke I am drink when I rtype without looking as I am doing now. anyway, lets think here for a second... hmm... damn the thought was lost. oh well... that happens... and it happens more so than not. as much as I attempt to back date you, JOHD, I fuck up because I do not write things down as they appear, and that is bad, and boo to that, and it is one of the many things I am attempting to correct, and I am not sure, maybe I am doomed for the rest of my existance. I realize something, like, many moons ago, and meant to type who knows how many times before hand. I think I caused the deterieration of my memory... how did that go... I wanted to do something, and memory had something to do with it, and that is... {click}