January 16th, 2005


take THAT

hahaha!! finally... after 3 months... THREE months of forgetting and procrastination, Myles birthday message from 041012x2 was finally SAVED!! HAHA!! It only took me three months to ensure people did not have to press three if they were SURE they wanted to leave me a message. HAHA!! I so love it!! I R CELEBET'in'. I R HAPPy. Whoohoo!! Outlook is sucessfully intigrated with Morphian, meaning that my todo, contact, email, and everything else palm is with me everywhere. By jove, I think I finally did it, and all I had to do to motivate myself was buy $150+ software, haha!! On a sad, SAD, SAAAD note... the transformation was too late. I, yet again, forgot Alex's birthday. DAMNIT!! It was this Wednesday, the 12th, and the Palm alarm desktop did not WARN me like it is suppose to, since, it IS an alarm, hense the drat name. NUTBUNNIES!! I shall make it up to him, I will get him cleaned up, cleaned out, and change his oil! I will have to find another gift to buy him also. I really enjoy the death dice that everyone seems to be afraid of. I think Alex does also. MAN!! So much work to do, and my million dollar program that is gonna keep me in check. All those mass of emails I owe people, which can now be flagged and documented. Hahaha!! I should have been a data processing specialist when I grew up! Heck, I am going to have to write a form so that I can collect contact information, and a pict, from every human in existance who I know. Whoohoo!! All this work, hmm, I may end up taking some person time from work so I can get it done. DARN I am so excited, and I simply CANNOT hide it!! I am about to get naked and I think I like it!!
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