January 2nd, 2005


Insert Coin

Well, JOHD, a new year, and all that fun stuff that comes with it.  Thoughts, feelings, so much to do.  I am hungry, so I shall eat this year.  So things are off to a good start.  I'm checking some things from last year.  Let's see... $5040.00 for rent, $3204.97 computer, $2584.91 drinking, $2... wait, what was that 3rd largest expense?  My word.  That... it... lot's... of... drink.  Well, grocery bill was only $1668... so I am not sure if that makes me an alcoholic or not... and to think, I stopped drinking alone, haha!!  I guess I really am a social butterfly.

Well, I have tons to catch up with.  Years and years of information to do.  Saving the planet... taking a shower... beating procrastination.  House... hmm... it is difficult to say with possible problems with Qwest being circulated around.  Man, stupid rumors.  I may have to re-think my strategy.  Maybe I will just not make as many payments in the first part of the year.  I mean, taking a good three weeks from work would be nice.  I think I could miss two paychecks.  Well... I could miss two paychecks now, I may not be able to if I had a big old house on me.  I think overcoming procrastination would be the best thing for me.  I think overcoming it shall be the best thing for me.  I also think if I cannot save the planet I may just blow it all up.  Mwahaha!!

Hmm... gee, JOHD, I cannot really think of much to say.  That is kinda odd.  I guess I shall go poop then, weeee!!