December 26th, 2004


Don't Sell Drugs for Dresses

Hmm... humans, of all shapes and sizes, and gender, and sexual preferences, just simply, positively, do not get it.  Something about it makes me giggle... oh wait, that is the 50 greatest episodes of Mad TV.  HA!!  I said Madd TV, that was even funnier.  I guess more of my insane mental change-overs.  Well, once again, I must thank the world for wireless internet.  I sure heck know Grand K will not even have net, so, must be a nabor.  Ah, more to be thankful for.  This Christmas, a most excellent one, I must admit.  I am actually glad that work was closed, since I would have otherwise asked to work it.  The crazy thing about driving, is that 3 hr with myself is, well, a dangerous thing.  I mean, 3 hours of nothing but my mind and me?  Eeks, how ever have I lived this long?  Phone's ringin', dude!  Thank's, Donnie.

Soooo... hmm... another Christmas past, and one that I have decided to build from, my list of many humans who I plan to get things for in the remainder of our structured time together.  This would be more of the ORSHU plan in action.  I think how easily it be to bring joy.  I told mother that for my next birthday I simply wanted a phone call for my birthday.  How easy a gift is THAT for someone?  Aye, and I realize others enjoy the same.  Thus, I just have to make sure to keep up with the program, and not fall back into the procrastination put it all under the carpet routine.  Whoohoo!!  Space bag, hey, that looks like something Madd could use.  I am not sure I could vacuum seal boxes, however, hEhEhE!!
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