December 19th, 2004

ani-moo cow

Still Rollin'


Well, minus like two or three emails, things appear to be going rather well.  Oh, haha, yeah, I forgot, also passing out does not generally help me get ready for bed, however JOHD dear, I find that is something that I can still overcome, and I am still doing darn well in every other area.

I really do miss the data selection screen music from Prime, and was hoping it was going to make it to Prime 2.  {sigh} At least they gave me many other musical surprises, like SNES intro music during the Ing attack, and most importantly, elevator music, hahaha!  I still think it would be cool to have it play while you are in an actual elevator, however, it still works for me.  I think my flavorite bring back, more so than any, is the ending escape music!!  I almost wanted to let the place blow up just so I could listen to the music for the 7 min that I have to escape.  Of course, Dark Samus had other plans, and felt she would just murder me a few times.  Yeah, after going thru that crap about 4 or so times, I think I might as well high-tail it out after a long hard day of stuff.

So, JOHD, I see that the time and lives of humans is at a below average state.  People sad and crying, having rough times at life, and yet, here am I, as happy as a kid in a Japanese electronics store during an everything free for today sale.  I feel not bad that I am going beyond the bounds of happiness.  I worked hard and long to get where I have these 30 years of life.  I do, however, {sigh} wish that my mentality was as downloadable as a Mario DS game cart to others.  I have found this to be partially true, however like the Nintendo DS, I have a range of about 100 feet (or 30.48 meters, 0.1515 furlongs, or 16.67 fathoms).  Well since I have seen it in action, I think I shall take it upon myself to help this entire planet by uploading my insanity program into others.  Lots of others.  I can help clean the planet from the sickness that it has given into itself.  I have been saving virtual planets and universes for the longest time from baddiess and evil, maybe it is time to translate that to real life terms.  As long as God keeps backing me up, I feel I am good to go.  Hmm... maybe a name would be good.  A temp beta name until I can think of a better one.  Operation Re-Seed Happy Universe.  ORSHU.  hEhEhE!!  Madd, you are a nut, do not let anyone change you!!

LOVE TO MY on-line HUMANS!! {smooch}

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