December 15th, 2004


hi high hight there

weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!  hey this is fun, haha, I are keeping the grove, that is two dayz in a row now.  The world is coming to an end.  I even have to... MY TUEWIOrhwes i was attacked!!  Did you see that?  Some crazy pizza eating crazy attacked me with shrooms.  Then she attacked me with a saved settings manuveur.  Whoohoo!!  Dictionary bad... internet good.  Then they throw cloud of colds on me.  I wear protection but it only does so much.  My nipples cutting glass!!

Ah, there you are.  Hey Madd, I was looking for you.  Nice of you to join me again.  All your base are belong to us.  I want to think of something funny, but when I wrote that I started laughing for no reason, and I cannot figure out why my face looks like... well... this, hehehehehe!!  It worked!!  I do not approve.
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