November 27th, 2004


Time for Upgrades

(please note any links in any posts I ever make open up automatically to a new window... so you will not lose your place, and can continue to read in peace)

Absolutely amazing, here I am at WORK, for the first time, I have me a net connection.  Yeah, it kinda sucks.  Whoever DSL5THFLOOR is has a low to dropped connection, however, it is free, and thus I shall not complain.  It is just extremely nice of the Lord to provide this otherwise forbidden connection.  I also noticed that the router or connection used has blocked a few ports.  Unfortunately, the port used by AIM is blocked.  Also, I attempted to test the ports by going to the powerball site and could not get thru.  So I realize they are blocking some things still, whatever this odd yet wonderful free connection is.  Unfortunately, should they ever get a clue, they could WEP the router and I would then be out of a connection, so, I shall enjoy it as I can.  The great news is that my email appears to function, as well as LJ, and even MSN and yahoo work.  Yay for Madd.  This is good, I hope the good Lord keeps this connection for a long while... I may finally be able to catch up, because you know, JOHD, that time is coming near.

The end of the 20's.  Gone forever and out of my life, propelling me forward.  I think more than anything, that subconsious "I should be close to married with kids" hits me.  Oddly, and I mean odd, father is the only one making reference to the fact he has no grandkids.  Well, punk, maybe you will learn your lesson when you decide to fix yourself and disclaim your son for 13 years.  If there is anything in this world, besides Floyd, that can keep my penis out of a woman, it is the thought of giving you grandkids.

However, I still am human and fall pray to those human desires to further my imortality with spreading my seeds around.  I imagine when I least expect it, it shall hit me again at some time.  Most likely when that day turns around.  For a day I claim to be another day, I sure took a bit of time off.  It appears I have Dec 8th to Dec 12th off.  That is a good chunck of change.  Of course, I think more people look forward to the day than I do.  I know I have not since my 18th birthday, the last time it ever meant anything special.  So, I like to take care of people, so, I shall make myself open for all to celebrate my 30th trip around the sun.

The extreme fight against the insane procrastination that is concuming my life has well been under way, and I have won some important victories in this.  For the first time, in what possibly is forever, I replied to over 5 people in email (yesterday).  This included multiple to one account.  While to this day I have no clue what is wrong with my brain, and what makes me have so much difficulty in getting things done, I have really stressed myself to take a stand and do what is thought in my mind.  Never before have I had things I actually want to do in my head, and something in me refuses to do it.  It worries me, as I imagine things like brain tumors, crazy mental diseases, and anything else effecting the one true thing about me that I care about: my mind.  It hurts, to a point of tears, to see what I have done to myself and others as a result of... well, of not doing what I wanna do.  Turning 30 may be the last point I have to go beyond motivating me, since I have very few humans around me that do that any more.  As usual, it is up to myself to fix myself right.  As with any human on the planet, only the self can truly fix the self.

So... I guess some of you humans wish to know what is going on, thus, here I go to update a few things in my life, just for you.

-My procrastination had been at an all-time high.  I do not think I have ever procrastinated as I have.  I get a thought of things I want to do, actually retain them (as opposed to lose them with my ADD/hyperactive ever switching brain), and then simply not do them.  While my procrastination is there, yelling at screaming at myself the next day also has been there.  Maybe, something finally clicked.

-I have not read, until today, any LJ entries (minus a here and there kinda deal with specific person or two).  This means I am extremely behind on life events of my friends.  I apologize for this.  On the same note, today nites one of the first days that I have really hit hard on reading up on things, however, in doing so I am bound to skip over something important.

-Emails, while behind by only 3 years, are slowly and surely coming.  For once, I am not going to reply to everything.  Any email that is just totally out of date, may get sent to my packrat haven.

-Alex is paid off (something I noted a while back).  Because of this, I take the next step which is house hunting.  I start house hunting next year.  I currently have approximately $4000 in extra cash right now, meaning by next year I should have plenty for a down payment and well onto the life I have been looking forward to.

-I am single still with no current prospects, and no known kids (or pending children).  More so than not I enjoy this fact, as my faith in humanity has dropped very much in the past year or so.  Of course, there are times I wish it to not be true, and feel weak for thinking such.  I also realize that any woman attempting to hook up with faces the potential of getting utterly kicked in the head, without attempt, due to the strange way that I look at life.  It is easier to see me as "the guy I was just with before" than seeing me as something totally different and new.  Not many people can take the mental energy to start from scratch, and really, I do not blame anyone for that.  I know how much a pain it can be to do.

-I have changed my Sun routine.  Ryan's is not a given any more, even though last Sunday I did go out and eat there.  The only true constant is X-Myles (my time with Myles watching X-Files on DVD).  Besides this, with the addition of Halo 2 and Metroid Prime 2, I have been going out of my way to grab people to hang out and enjoy these games with me, whether it be watching or playing along with.  Towards the end of the night, I have been spending a bit of Sun/Mon with Spark.  Any human who would like to peg some time on Sun is welcome to speak up.  Notice that those who have been faithful to me in spending time will get priority due to their previous efforts.

-Wed routine is almost the same.  I get up at 1230, and go to BJ at 2100.  The OT at work has gone done a lot, even though this coming week we have OT each day.  For those who do not realize, there is free Bud Light from the time I get there to the time I leave.  This is because I buy and continue to do so when the beer runs low.  Anyone who feels this taking advantage of me, realize it is just a good feeling to be able to provide for others.  For others who STILL feel bad, realize you can always give donations, buy shots, and the like.  One does not have to sing to enjoy this time.  One does not have to drink either.  They also offer a free NTN service.  It is a free service that lets you compete against others with trivia questions.  It is like trivial pursuit, and anyone requiring help getting going with the service let me know, I will be happy to assist.  Please note that you are suppose to be 21 to enter the bar, and I will not lie to get anyone in, as to this point I still do not lie for anyone, including myself :D

-Sat routine is about the same.  If I am working Tue, then I am off Sat, and my day is pretty much open to anyone for anything, up until the end of the night.  At 2300 I must be on my way to Myles to catch Enterprise (unless it is a rerun).

-Tue routine is when I work that Sat, then I have this day off, and it is open season for anyone.  Note that my work schedule can be caught HERE.  While I have been doing a pretty piss poor job keeping things updated, I plan to keep a regular start to keep everyone updated as much as possible.  The reason I had it up was there were at least two humans that used it to know what I was up to.  Once that stopped, I did not pay as much attention to it.

-I catch Prime 2 every day.  I beat Halo 2 already and have missed one day (last Sunday), so if I miss another day it is not as big of a deal as if I miss Prime 2.  I schedule my entire world around keeping this balance, so any plans I make, realize if I say we have to cut it to Prime 2, you know the reason why.

-Many on-line things are connected more so to my mobile than ever.  This makes (by theory) getting a message to me that much easier.  Also, some time extremely soon, my main email address shall even send me an email to my cell also.  Because of this, it is extremely important that people who have my personal email ONLY send me things directed to me.  Do not send files to it, do not send forwards, and by no means let anyone see this email address.  I already have started to acquire spam on my spam74 account, after all this time avoiding it.  Only a handful of people have this address.  Also, I have a way that people on AIM can page my mobile even while I am using the mobile account on a land service (ie I could be at BJ or at home away from the account and you still have a way to page the mobile phone).  Anyone who wants it, contact me.

-Speaking of addresses, if my current situation stays or improves, it will mean my internet time will increase many times over.  I am currently on Ghaleon (Sony Z1WA laptop) and have access to my Yahoo and MSN accounts (as unstable as they are).  Even less people have these accounts, and anyone really wanting to get more word to me is welcome to have it, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ABUSED.  Also realize that only about twice a year do we have 11 min between calls at work as we do tonight.  Conversations can be extremely limited.  You are not being ignored, and I am not spending my time chatting with someone else.  I am dealing with customers in 14 states.  That takes some effort.

That is all the updates I have for now, as it is getting closer to closing time here at Qwest repair, where I provide the spirit of service of I will kill you trying (yes I said trying).
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