November 11th, 2004


Until it is Prime Time it is...

Madd's New Life

Well, here is my new life. After Civilization III came along, and consumed my life, the top link will provide you with what I am up to now. If you go to this link here, then you can actually see WHEN and how well I have been doing it. It is Halo 2 for XBox live, and it came out Nov 9th. As you can see from the second link, I have spent some good time on it. In fact, I am calling into work so that I can play! The times are, I believe, in PST (that is two hours behind central [Des Moines/Chicago]). The nice thing for you on-line is that it will tell you when I am on-line or not. If you see me on-line, then you know what I shall be doing.