September 27th, 2004


my mind

Something is overly wrong with my brain.  Well... was, this Pink Floyd stuff really sets my mind at ease.  Em-G-F-C-Em-G-F-C-Em-G-A-B-Em-G-F-F-F-F-Em... Em-Em-Am-Am-G7-G7-Bm-Bm-Abm-Abm-Bb-Bb-Eb-Eb-Am-B
I still feel rather anti-social.  Not answering the phone for Sparky, MJ, or Renata.  I at least got a message to everyone to let them know all is okay, and now it is more okay.  I do not appear anxious anymore.  I feel more calm, to the point of me going beddie bye.  Playing on my keyboard really helped.  It has been forever since I played.  Listening to Floyd... Atom Heart... yeah even better.  I was playing it on the keyboard so I thought I would queue the music and play along.  So much fun...
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    "Atom Heart Mother" - Pink Floyd, "AHM"