September 25th, 2004


Bodly Madd

     So there I am, pushing the restore button on my computer.  I found that playing old games on an emulator are interesting when you can save a state in the middle of something and go right back to that point should things go ary.  It is not something I would think to do with a new game, however these are old NES games that have spanded through my entire life.  Of course, it is much more interesting when done so with real life.  I am not sure how it happened, however at one point of playing with the emulator, I found out that it was no longer the game I was taking to a saved spot... it was life.  How bizarre and strange.  I could save a spot in my life, and when I pushed a button, I would be taken back to that exact spot, with the only different that I knew what was happening in life.  I could go to a movie theater, hit the save spot, pay my hard earned money, and then revert to the point before paying the movie, and not have to spend that time or money to see the movie since I would remember it.  It was amazing!  How did it happen?  Ghaleon had turned into one of the most power toys I had ever bought.  So I started using this ability.
     Well I just had to see how well this worked.  Luckily I had a bit of starting cash on me, so I put it to good use.  I hooked up with Shell.  We had fooled around a bit in the past, and I know one of the things that concerened her was getting pregnent.  I also knew that Shell, like many people, would have a price.  I wonder if $100 or so would change her mind.  It is not like *I* had to worry she was going to get pregnent with a condom on, and it had nothing to do with the condom.  A quick flick of the switch, and she would not even know we had sex.  My curiosity was out of control, what could I all get away with?  What was everyone's price?  How much would it take Jill to have sex with me, the woman who I had wondered about many times through my days?
     So Alex and I are on the rode, and something happens.  I am not sure what is wrong, however Alex is in front of railroad tracks.  He is not moving, and someone is with me.  I am not sure who it is, for some reason I cannot seem to remember.  I do know that these cars coming over the tracks are getting darn close to my child.  I keep close, realizing that in doing so my own life could be taken.  Then, what I knew in my mind to happen would happen.  Alex gets plowed into, and smashed.  When was the last time I saved?  I cannot remember.  I might as well ride this out.  I realize, in my mind, just how much I can waste a day away doing almost nothing.  So what if I have to go through a few more hours in reliving a day?  I have always wanted to do it in the past, and here is my chance to do now.  It is strange to watch something you love die, when you realize you can push a button, and everything is back to normal.  I realize the importance of Ghaleon, and that it best I keep an eye on him.
     Well, I decide to go to a house.  I get a strange phone call.  It is strange because the caller ID display must be a good 30 characters long.  How odd and bizzare is that?  I have worked in the phone company long enough to know this is not normal.  Oh well... so as I am at this place, Riede shows up!  Oh my word!  It is Riede!  Oh I miss him so.  Oh, and not only do I miss him, I have such exciting news to show him!  It will be great, if there is anyone I could get to believe me it would be him.  He has a friend with him, and I rather not his friend hear what I have to say.  It is strange, why does it matter?  I could simply blink him out with a bush of a button.  Anything said, gone just like that.  A secert let loose corrected just as easily.  Well anyway, I sit next to him, and attempt to tell him, "I can bend the space time continuum."  His friend is bound-determined to hear what I am saying, so I start crawling all over Riede, like a cat attempting to rub up on someone's leg, and I whisper so softly.  For some reason I see this being a lost cause.  I push to revert the saved state.  Odd... Riede is gone, he does not show up.  Then I realize, this is similar to my games when I revert back.  When going to a certain point, the next event happens just as it is suppose to.  However, everything else after takes a different route.  So I went back too far in the home, and something I did... made Riede not show.  I am so saddened by this!  Oh well, as with most events in the life of Maddness, a good lesson to learn now in the early days.
     Wait a second, what is this?  Where am I?  Oh my WORD!  I am on the starship Enterprise?!?  It is Troy!  A few others, looking at me!  I am tripping out, what in the hell happened?  What did I do?  How did I get here?  Where the heck is here exactly?  I get up off my rump, and everyone is attempting to calm me down because I am freaking out.  I realize that the turn of events has changed massively.  I still, for the life of me, cannot figure out what is happening.  I also notice something strange.  I am drawing a large following of people, and they are people who appear to be waiting for me to do something.  What is it?  I start to talk to Troy, explaining to her who I am.  She does not believe me.  She thinks I am someone else.  Everyone else thinks I am someone else also.  I tell Troy to read into my emotions, that she can see I am confused.  She does not adknowledge anything.  I turn to my left, and next to the wall is Picard!  Oh he can help make some sense out of this.  However, what is this?  Something is not right, it is as if he is not captian.  Then I remember, the rank of an officer is shown through the medals on the sleeve.  Picard has two?  He is suppose to have like four!  Somewhere around four, maybe five, is the most in regards to senior officers.  I happen to be wearing a uniform, I wonder how many are on me?  I check, and it looks like eight!  What in the every-loving world is this?  Eight?  Since when does anyone have eight?  Then it all makes sense to me now.  I understand what everyone is "waiting" for.  I tell everyone to be at ease, and then everyone starts to go about their business, and they do.  The side of the wall is missing, and I notice a small hose shooting water that has come slightly to the inside.  It is next to Picard.  So I decide to grab it and stick it back outside.  Before I get a chance, there is a flicker in the lights.
     "What is this, some sort of power fluxuation?" I ask in confusion.
     "No, we are going some form of ion storm." Picard replies.
     I look out the open panel on the side of the wall as I push the hose back out, and see that there is a storm outside.  Also, we are flying over some sort of city.  My curiosity is out of control, maybe I can get some answeres from Picard.  However, he takes off like a little kid!  No matter, I simply decided to chace after him.  He darted off in some shower corridor.  As he ran through, he turned into a little boy!  What in the world is going on here?  There was a mirror and I took a look.  My face!  It is scarred quite a bit.  That was when it hit me.  I get it now.  I jumped to a total different turn of events.  It is like I was looking at "war" wounds, yet, why can't I remember any of what happened?  I do remember one thing, Ghaleon.  So I continue further for Picard.  Something was radiating a sense of evil ahead.  Picard noticed this also, as he was heading back towards me and we both left.  On the ground I saw Ghaleon, and someone kicked him!  No, I cannot have this, so I grab him.  Picard is gone, so I start to walk down the corridor, and notice Riker.  I look to see what rank he is, and realize his uniform is ripped of every single piece of metal on it.  Even his buttons to his shirt are gone!
     "Riker!  What in the world happened to you?" I ask.
     "I'm fired."
     "Fired?!?  They cannot fire you, I shall see to that!"
     We headed down the corridor together, and stopped at the bar.  He ordered us some shots.  I explained to him that they could not fire him for I would not allow it.  I obviously had some massive say in anything since I was so powerful.  Not sure why I was, just knew that I was.  I told him that I would represent him, as his lawyer.  He seemed happy about that.  I then jokenly said, "Well, now we are sure to lose."  Riker had about six shot glasses in his hand.  The barkeep was pouring the shots while he was holding the empty glasses, making a mess all around everywhere.  So I asked, "So do we still use money around here?"  Since I had everything pegged thus far, I remembered that they had not used money.  Then it hit me... I did not ever like Riker.  What in the world was I doing attempting to help him out like this?
     The realizations did not stop there.  I realized many things.  I could find out winning lotto numbers, and revert back to play.  I would know tons of things.  I would become the most power human in existance!  Then... I woke up, in utter amazement of the absolute realism of this dream, that lasted from about 9:05 AM to 11:36 AM CST.
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