July 24th, 2004


Just the Basics

Every now and then, JOHD dear friend, I think that I have absolutely lost my ability to mentally function.  I think to myself, "You know, maybe everyone is right," and I listen to them.  I stop listening to myself, and stop beliving the things I have deep down.  "How can you listen to that stuff over and over?"  I stop and think... you know, maybe they are right, and maybe the power of Floyd does not compell me... then... while in my 90 degree pad... Launchcast radio... click on My Station, and my skin absolutely curls as if a chilly breeze hit me.  Yet, I'm still sweating.  My mind still goes off into another realm known only by myself, and I still get lost in what I am attempting to do.  I still get a deep pleasure listening that no other mortal thing, including sex, women, or money (uless it's Money) could ever give me.  I have been thinking about that a lot, how present company is adversly affecting my mental state of being.  Some times, JOHD, I just wanna hear someone tell me I am still me and not everyone else.  For from time to time I act like everyone else.  I just wanna be me...
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