July 15th, 2004


The True FriendA true friend is special

So, while drunk here at the bar, I am presented with the question as to if I have a true friend.  You know, I have not ever had a true friend, and not even close.  I have had best friends, to day, three who qualify.  Myles, Gretl, and Lance.  I lost Gretl and Lance and have maintained Myles, and have done so because Myles does those things that a best friend has done.  However, a true friend he is not yet.  A true friend differs from a best friend that, as Christopher Lambert would say, "there can be only one".  What does it take to be a true friend?  I have thought about it a few times, and this was presented to me without warning and I was not ready.  However, the effort was still good, and it made me think, the fact that there is so much to talk about and I manage time so piss poorly, so why not get this one gone while I am slightly drunk and at a bar.  So JOHD... let us look.  A true friend would make massive efforts to put me before him or her.  They would do this out of what they felt, not anything I would ever ask.  The fact they would do this would mean I would do the same back to them.  That is part of my problem, old girl, that I am a lot how others are around me, minus a thing or two.  However someone who showed so much caring of me, that I really meant the world to them, I would get to return the same to them.  All I get is greedy humans who care for nothing but themselves.  Right now I am getting food!!  hEhEhE!!  JOHD, I love you dearly, maybe more than any human, however, it is food time and Madd is hungry, so we shall continue later.