June 24th, 2004


I Forgot the Subject!!

(um... hey update!!)

It must be easy to hate, I would not know since I have not hated anyone since a rape or something like that.  While in good detail this shall be documented, JOHD, I wanted to state now while I remember, that I appriciate Starr, and I am happy that she, unlike many others, has not just up and left me.  I had not realized what a psycho I was in the ealier years.  I mean... truly and totally and utterly psycho.  Hahaha!!  Oh well... big deal I am psycho so what else is new.  I also appricaite the other humans in my life who have been able to put up with me and my strange ways all these years and not leave me like some of the childish humans who I have known, and the one I have dated.  Those who must be perfect or better than me, and maybe they are.  Who knows!  JOHD I am not sure... I am just extremely happy.  Boostie, Gretl, Starr, since I still know my alphabet.  Man I have not been up with my alphabet.  I do not even think I am spelling it correctly.  {sigh} That is okay... I require not to know spelling as long as humans are around.  That insane spelling that... oh yeah, I use to do!  JOHD, I think even you got many tastes of that.  I know some of the dream logs are that way.  I think I... was that way to you.  Hmm... maybe I should just claim 28 as the age of reasoning.  You know, I do not care how well Lysol can clean a toliet, I have seen how my toliet and many others have worked.  Anything that goes in my toliet is left for dead, I do ont care how much anyone sprays anything into it.  Dumb thing does not flush proper.  Oh yeah, even Morgan messaged me first!!  Hahaha, this day is just excellent, even if told to F off... something I am use to, hehehe.  Whoa!!  It's Lassie, I think I am losing it.  Oh wait, it is just Aminal Plammet.

OH MY WORD, I jsut saw a cat go in the toliet and then smack out tons of TP!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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